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Is battery cooling system necessary?

DATE: Jan 27th, 2022


Battery Cooling System (BCS) Development Background:

Batteries work on the principle of voltage difference. At the right temperature, the electrons inside are excited, thus reducing the voltage difference between the two sides of the battery.
During the driving of an electric bus, the discharge of the battery generates heat; the faster the battery is discharged, the more heat is generated. Without a cooling system to keep their temperature in the operating range, they will stop working. The cooling system needs to be able to keep the battery pack within a temperature range of approximately 20-40 degrees Celsius as well as keep the temperature difference within the battery pack to a minimum of no more than 5 degrees Celsius


Battery Cooling System (BCS) Importance:

Temperature management of electric bus batteries is critical to maintaining the safety and stability of the batteries and the bus. Excessive temperatures will negatively impact the battery and its performance in electric buses. The parts that may be affected include its electrochemical system, power output, safety and service life, the driving distance of the bus, etc. In the long run, it raises the cost of maintenance and replacement.


The Best Electric Bus Battery Cooling System (BCS) :

Battery Cooling System (in short “ BCS”), The standard function is only cooling, so we called battery cooling system, but TKT can make both cooling and heating function.
TKT began the research and design of BCS from 2012 based on market requirement of electric vehicle. During the past 10 years, TKT already designed and made BCS depending on different OEM customers’ requirement, such as BYD in China, TATA Motors in India, Daewoo in Korea ect. 
Based on customers’ requirement, BCS cooling capacity and heating capacity is made from 3-10 KW, which will be sufficient for 5-12M EV bus requirement even ambient temperature reach 60 Deg. C or -20 Deg. C. TKT also made roof top installed BCS, bus side installed BCS and also chassis installed BCS based on different customers’ requirement. 


attery C
ooling System (BCS) Structure:

As shown in the picture

Condenser Coil, Condenser Fan, Water Tank, Water Pump, Heat Exchange, Electric Compressor, Control Panel, CAN module, Expansion Valve ect;
The condenser system will cool down the coolant, and water pump will make the coolant run inside of BCS and battery structure system to release the heat produced by battery pack.



TKT Battery Cooling System (BCS) Patent Advantage:

1.Patent Design to make higher cooling/heating with less weight;
2.More than 10 years market prove, more than 200000 units running globally;
3.Fast OEM/Customized Design (1 month);
Tip: TKT can make roof-mounted, side-mounted and chassis-mounted BCS according to different customers' requirements.BCS is a highly customized component and we can make it exactly according to customers' requirements.

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