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【Case】TKT BTMS is Available for Electric Bus

DATE: Nov 2nd, 2022
TKT BTMS is now available for Electric Bus, Off-Highway, and Commercial vehicles. 8 options for you to choose from. We also design and develop for vehicle manufacturers.
Customized Solutions for Electric Buses:
Many countries are focusing on the electrification of their public transport solutions, especially buses and coaches. Factors such as increased pollution and environmental hazards, strict government regulations and fierce competition are forcing vehicle OEMs to produce fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly buses. Whether it's a city bus, a small school bus or a coach, we have everything you need to cool your bus batteries: design, testing and production.

OEM/ODM Process
During the passed 24 years, TKT grows to the 100% OEM choice in China, such as Yutong, Nanjing King Long, Xiamen King Long, CIMC, Xinfei, Hongyu ect . For the international market, TKT is the OEM for TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo, Daewoo ect, and exported to more than 85 countries with sales and service center.

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