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Electric Bus Air Conditioner

Along with the requirement of green energy, TKT has been committing to create economical and comfortable electric bus a/c systems for EV bus, Tram, Trolley bus, Hybrid bus, etc from 2012, which is the earliest manufacture in the world to develop and produce EV bus A/C.
> OEM/ODM/Customized Available
> Word Leader Manufacture of Bus A/C & Truck Refrigeration Units
> TS 16949/ISO9001 2015/ISO 14001 Quality Control Certification
Along with requirement of green energy, TKT has been committing to create economical and comfortable electric bus a/c systems for EV bus, Tram, Trolley bus, Hybrid bus, etc from 2012, which is the earliest manufacture in the world to develop and produce EV bus A/C.


Major Technical Data:

160E for 6-7M Electric Bus
            Cooling Capacity: 16KW
            Voltage: DC280-750V
            Compressor: Electric, 42cc
            Dimension: 1750*1750*230mm
            Application: 6-7M Electric Bus
260E for 9-10M Electric Bus
           Cooling Capacity: 26KW
           Voltage: DC280-750V
             Compressor: Japan SANYO Brand Vortex Compressor, 74.4cc
           Dimension: 2700*1830*250mm
           Application: 9-10M Electric Bus
420E for 11-13M Electric Bus
           Cooling Capacity: 42KW
           Voltage: DC280-750V
            Compressor: Japan SANYO Brand Vortex Compressor, 74.4cc
           Dimension: 3200*1830*250mm
           Application: 12M Electric Bus

Specification Table:
Model TKT-160E TKT-260E TKT-420E
Cooling 16 KW 26 KW 42 KW
Heating Heating Pump is optional
Application Digital control panel + CAN Control(optional)
Control way 6-7m EV Bus 9-10m EV Bus 12m EV Bus
Refrigerant R134A R407C R407C
Compressor Voltage/Power Supply DC250-350V DC450-750V DC450-750V
Control Voltage/Power Supply DC24V/8A DC24V/10A DC24V/10A
Compressor Electric compressor(42 cc/r) Japan SANYO Brand Vortex Compressor(74.4 cc/r)
Condenser Coil Cooper Tube and Aluminum Fin Structure
Fan Air Volume 3600 m³/h(2Fans)(3 fans is available, based on clients need) 7200 m³/h(4Fans) 9000 m³/h(6Fans)
Evaporator Model Cooper Tube and Aluminum Fin Structure
Fan Air Volume 7200 m³/h(4Blowers) 10800 m³/h(6Blowers) 14400 m³/h(9Blowers)
Dimension 2700*1630*195mm 2700*1830*250mm 3200*1830*250mm

Electric bus air  conditioning Main features:

Environment friendly: All electric air conditioner powered by battery pack, ZERO Fuel Consumption, ZERO Emission; adopting environment friendly refrigerant like R134A, R407C, gas charge saving around 20%).
High cooling efficiency and sufficient cooling capacity to guarantee fast cooling speed even ambient temperature higher to 55C, to create a comfortable cabin environment for passenger and bus driver. Different cooling mode selection offer clients more choice to meet all cooling requirements.
 High shock resistance to guarantee the air conditioner can be used under different road conditioners, this feature got proved by India market in past 4 years.
Light weight and smaller in dimension: Even the biggest model for 12m EV bus dimension no more than 3.2m which reduce the weight of vehicle greatly to improve the vehicle safety, also help to enhance the capacity and mileage of the EV bus.   
Security protection mechanism: More fuse and good quality electrical parts adopted to withstand high voltage; and multi-protection mechanism like HV protection, LV protection,etc to protect the ac system well.
OEM/ODM/Customized is Acceptable;
3-8 Years Warranty Time Depends on Tender Requirement;
Proved Quality and Performance in more than 85 Countries, Service Center in More than 50 Countries;

Electric Bus A/C Structure:

The structure of electric bus ac mainly including condenser assembly, evaporator assembly, electric compressor assembly, and other important parts like DC-DC, frequency converter, Electric control box, expansion valve, oil separator, CAN controller panel, blower, fan, air grill, etc.

TKT Electric Bus A/C Design Advantage:

Exclusive design of condenser coil structure with design patent to get more heat release area but use less material, which is praised as the " Highest Heat Exchange Efficiency” design in China.
Adopting high quality inner screw copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fin to make condenser and evaporator coil, which is more resistant of corrosion and more suitable to use in coastal countries, with longer lifetime(over 10 years) than Parallel flow coil( made by pure aluminum).
Adopting best compressor in China market with market proven over 8 Years, guarantee the reliable and super cooling performance. 
Advanced CAN Control + integrated digital control panel control, much low failure rate than PLC control.

TKT Electric Bus A/C Test Report:

Customers Feedback:

As an expert and leading manufacturer of Electric bus A/C in China, TKT has been supplied to YUTONG, Golden Dragon, Yaxing, Ankai, Neoplan, Hengtong, Shenlong, Foton and Nanjing Golden Dragon ect main bus manufacturer in China, and also do OEM to TATA Motor, TATA Marcopolo, Daewoo, Isuzu, MAZ, INCARVEN, MODABUS, GET ect bus manufacturer in the world. Those rich experience and over 10 years of market verification prove that TKT air conditioner is trustworthy. Currently we mainly provide rooftop all electric bus ac E-series for 6-12meters bus, suit for DC250V-DC750V bus input, please select correct model for your EV bus based on vehicle length!

PS: OEM project for other length EV bus is available!

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