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The new website ( is organized into three main product lines. These are Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioners, EV DC Chargers, and EV Battery Cooling Systems.
  Battery thermal management system, also called battery cooling system. It is a system specialized in cooling down the high voltage power battery of pure electric equipment. The common ones are electric bus battery cooling system, electric truck battery cooling system.
battery cooling system
  Electric vehicle charger, also called electric vehicle charging station. It is a device specialized in charging electric vehicles. Our products are mainly commercial charging. All of them are Level 3 fast charging equipment. 
ev dc charger
  Commercial vehicle air conditioners are divided into 3 sub-categories by model. They are bus air conditioners, truck air conditioners, and RV air conditioners.
bus air conditioner

1 For bus air conditioning, there are mainly electric bus air conditioners and diesel bus air conditioners. They are used in buses with different drive modes. They are suitable for all kinds of buses from 6-14m.
2 For truck air conditioning, they are mainly divided into overhead and split. It is an electric air conditioner, so it can be used when parking. It is also known as parking air conditioner.
3 For RV air conditioning, there are two main types: high voltage 220v and low voltage 12v/24v. It is suitable for all kinds of RVs. There are three specific application scenarios: overhead, undercounter and portable.
parking air conditioner
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