Truck Refrigeration Units
Truck Refrigeration Units
Truck Refrigeration Units

Direct-DriveTruck Refrigeration Units

TKT, the leading manufacturer of transport refrigeration units in China, has been researching, designing and producing refrigeration units since 1993, and we were also the first company to design and produce electric refrigeration systems in China.
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Brief Introduction of TKT Truck Refrigeration Units:
TKT products already cover the entire range of transport refrigeration units, TKT offers a full range of truck refrigeration unit solutions for your refrigerated trucks, cold chain transport, insulated bodies, etc. 
Considering the different demands of customers for Truck refrigeration systems, Truck refrigeration units generally include two types, one for transporting fresh cargo and the other (freezer unit) for transporting frozen cargo on the road, as for truck freezer unit, is mainly divided into small truck refrigeration unit, mid truck refrigeration unit and large truck refrigeration unit. Depending on refrigeration system driven type, it can be classified as: Vehicle Engine Direct Driven Units, Engine Direct Driven unit with AC220V/380V Electric standby unit and Diesel engine driven units respectively.

This page only introduces the Vehicle Engine Direct Driven Units.

Specification Table:   
The Critical components TKT Refrigeration Units system uses are imported from Famous World Top Brand with High Quality, and a stylish design that fits any Truck model.
Tips: Depending on the type of vehicle, ambient temperature, transported cargo and required cooling capacity, you can choose the most suitable product with the help of our sales team.
Model TKT-200C TKT-300C TKT-200F TKT-400F TKT-600F TKT-800F TKT-900F
Driven Type Engine Driven
Structure Front Mounted
Compressor JAP SD5S14 (138cc) JAP SD5S14 (138cc) JAP SD5S14 (138cc) JAP SD5S14 (138cc) Valeo TM16(155cc) Valeo TM 21 Valeo TM21
Voltage DC12v / 24V
Container Volume  3CBM/2.2 Meters 6CBM/3.2Meters 4CBM/2.2 Meters 7CBM/3.2 Meters 16CBM/4.2 Meters 20CBM/5.2 Meters 25CBM/6.2 Meters
Body (-5℃ ) Body(-5℃ ) Body (-20℃ ) Body (-20℃ ) Body (-20℃ ) Body (-20℃ ) Body(-20℃ )
Refrigerant HFC-134A, 0.9-1.0Kg HFC-R404A,1.2-1.4kg HFC-R404A, 1.2-1.4Kg HFC-R404A, 1.5-1.6Kg HFC-R404A, 2.2-2.3Kg HFC-R404A, 2.3-2.4kg HFC-R404A 2.4-2.6kg
Controller Digital, In Cab
Cooling Capacity -5℃-1440 W/4900 BTU -5℃-2470W/ 8424 BTU -18℃-1804 W/6150 BTU -20℃-3680W/12550 BTU
0℃-1870 W /6370 BTU 0℃-2990W/10200BTU 0℃-3666 W /12500 BTU 0℃-7480W / 25500 BTU
Condenser Coil Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Fan No. 1 Fan, DIA 280MM 2 Fans, DIA 250MM 2 Fans, DIA 300MM 3 Fans, DIA 300MM 3 Fans, DIA 300MM
Dimension 789*450*212 mm 1050*470*310 mm 1080*510*375 mm 1280*504.6*375mm 1280*504.6*375 mm
Evaporator Coil Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Blower No. 1 Blower, DIA 230MM 1 Blowers(Turbo) 1 Blowers(Turbo) 2 Blowers, DIA 230MM 2 Blowers (Turbo) 3 Blowers, DIA 230MM 4 Blowers, DIA 230MM
Air Flow 610m3/h 955m3/h 955m3/h 1120m3/h 1870m3/h 1910m3/h 2560m3/h
Dimension 706*595*190mm 1010*593*185mm 1010*593*185mm 1006*590*188mm 1260*593*185mm 1389*613*184 mm 1556*611*185 mm

Truck Refrigeration Units Design Advantage:
  • A variety of models to choose & Easy to Operate
This series includes fresh and frozen functions, and the right model can recommend for you according to your different requirements of the cargo type, ambient temperature and the length of the cargo truck;
Besides, Our truck Refrigeration System has multi-functional controller with microprocessor control system, and temperature control panel in the cab for the driver to better control the temperature of the Truck's Container.
  • High quality Critical components and the best raw materials
The Critical components TKT Refrigeration system uses are imported from Famous World Top Brand with High Quality,such as Danfoss, Sanden, Valeo, etc.;
For Condenser and Evaporator coils, TKT uses all Copper Tubes and Aluminum Fin, corrosion-resistant, so the service life can be up to more than ten years, to improve the life time of the product.
  • Stylish and intimate design, Easy to Install
This series are all Front-mounted design, easy to install; The condenser is streamlined and compatible with any truck model, and Slimline design of Evaporator for maximum cargo space.
  • Green & Environment-friendly
Uses ozone-friendly refrigerant R134A, R404A.
  • Really powerful Cooling Capacity, Higher efficiency and more stable working.
TKT refrigeration system uses condensers and evaporators made of the best materials (Copper Tubes and Aluminum Fin) to bring you super cooling effect and maximum Air flow capability, Reliable performance to stand against Hot & Dusty climatic conditions.
  • Safe Voltage Level
Low current, High-Low voltage protection and more secure system.
  • Guarantee the integrity of the cargo during loading and unloading
For the stand by unit, capable of the pre-cooling of the container in advance. Besides, ensures normal operation of the refrigeration unit even when the truck is turned off.
  • Certificated by Various High Standard in US and Europe;
CE, RHS etc. Certificate.

Certification of TKT Truck Refrigeration Units:

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