ev charging stations, ev charger electric, charging stations
ev charging stations, ev charger electric, charging stations
ev charging stations, ev charger electric, charging stations

DC Charging Station-Two Outlet

The TKT DC EV fast charging station is a compact public fast charging station that can be ordered in different power levels (60/90/120/150/180/200kW). Ideally, an electric vehicle can be recharged for a range of 200 kilometers in 10 minutes. The fast charging stations are also available with CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and GBT plugs. Our products include smart DC charging station, AC charging stations, high power charging stations and fast charging stations.
> CE, DIN70121, ISO15118, IEC61851, SAEJ1772, IEC61851-1, IEC 61851-21-2, EN61851-23
> Power: 60~200KW/Support Super Power
> OCPP 1.6J & OCPP 2.0
> Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G connection
> Intelligent charging and dynamic load balancing
TKT DC charging station:

TKT DC charging station:

Our products include smart DC charging station, AC charging stations, high power charging stations and public fast charging stations. They include column type, wall mounted type, two outlet, three-in-one design, four guns, etc.

Charging power ranges from 60kw to 200kw. Support CCS/CHAdeMO/GBT standard. This is enough to meet the needs of different regions, different prices and different scenarios, which can meet the needs of all pure electric buses, trucks and household vehicles. Due to the small size, it can be widely built in bus stations, large parking lots, etc. TKT has a long-term good relationship with TATA Motor, BYD Auto, Yutong Bus.
We can do OEM, ODM, R&D, production, delivery and after-sale in one rigorous service. It’s also possible to personalize it with custom logos and colors to have the overall look of your brand.

Power 60KW 90KW 120KW 150KW 160KW 180KW 200KW
Input Rating 3-phase 400V/440V/480V±15% AC
Working Frequency 45~65Hz
Output Voltage 200~750V DC; 150~1000V DC
Max. Output Current 5~200A 5~300A 5~400A 5~500A 5~533A 5~600A 5~667A
Output Connectors CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T
Constant Power Range 300-750V; 400-750V; 600-750V; 300-1000V Optional
Power Factor ≥0.99
Efficiency ≥94%
Display 8'' LCD Touch Screen
Network Connection 4G/Ethernet
Communication Protocols OCPP1.6J (OCPP2.0 upgradable)
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature -35℃ ~ +55℃
Charging Cable Length 5m/7m
IP Class IP55
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Acoustic Noise 60dB
Support Language Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Finnish, Romanian, Thal, Arabic
Certificate TUV CE Certificate: IEC61851-1, IEC 61851-21-2, EN61851-23

TKT Fast Charging Station Advantage:

For products:

1. All products are custom designed according to international export standards. Compatible with OCPP1.6 and OCPP2.0 charging protocol standards. The charging voltage can be automatically configured according to the needs of different models.
2. All products use high-quality components of international brands. Our gun line is selected from the well-recognized Phoenix brand. All quality and after-sales are guaranteed.
3. Diversified charging methods, such as automatic charging, scheduled charging, quantitative charging, SOC charging and other charging methods are available. Powerful power distribution and constant power functions shorten the charging time by 20%.
4. The fast charging of high-power charging pile can make the vehicle fully charged within 20 minutes, which can save the time of the user and the cost of the operator.

For users:

1. The APP can realize positioning, navigation, appointment charging, scanning code charging, real-time query and other functions. At the same time, it supports APP, one-card and other payment methods.
2. 8-inch touch screen, support multiple languages. The simple design enhances the customer's sense of use.
3. IP55 protection level, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, flame retardant. It has protection functions such as over temperature, overload, short circuit, leakage, and battery anti-reverse connection.
4. Humanized design, convenient for customers to swipe card, take out the gun to charge, emergency parking and other operations. The charging gun head is equipped with an electronic lock to prevent the gun head from being pulled out at will while charging to ensure personal safety.

For operators:

1. Integrate Ethernet, 4G communication mode and cloud platform service system. Independent intelligent management realizes user charging, user settlement, report statistics, equipment maintenance, remote monitoring and management and other functions. Managers can also easily count the operation of charging stations.
2. Perfect electrical safety design. It has functions such as timing and real-time monitoring security protection, equipment abnormality pre-diagnosis, alarm feedback, and BMS independent security protection.
3. Our products have a modular design, so each module of the charging pile can be directly upgraded to meet customer needs. At the same time, it has an independent fault diagnosis system. Modules can be replaced independently if there is a problem.

TKT DC charging station Factory:

TKT specializes in electric vehicles air conditioner and battery thermal management systems for more than 25 years, and has been providing commercial electric vehicle charging station solutions since 2010. We offer a wide range of charging station to help our customers in the pure electric vehicle sector around the world to complete a one-stop service.

TKT has passed ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, intellectual property management system certification and so on. At present, it has obtained more than 100 patents and software Copyrights, and applied for 8 registered trademarks.

TKT has a production floor of nearly 40,000 square meters, with 30 standard fully automatic production lines, which can realize the whole process of manufacturing from SMT, PTH, spraying, testing to assembly. The annual design capacity can reach 150,000 units. We are developing towards the industrialization of power supplies and charging equipment. It has formed long-term and stable cooperative relations with well-known Chinese enterprises such as Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus, BYD Automobile, CATL, etc.

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