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TKT Passed the Most Highest Standard Shower Test

DATE: Jan 17th, 2022



TKT easily passed the Most Highest Standard Shower Test in the actual bus test of TATA, a Fortune 500 company, and finally became the bus air conditioner supplier of Fortune 500 with ODM/OEM cooperation, and will continuously provide the highest quality bus air conditioners.


the Most Highest Standard Shower Test:


Get wet in the rain and reach a certain intensity by using jet injection surface of the window, ensure the water from the top side and direction to the car window, avoid water blind Angle, ensure water pressure and flow rate corresponding to each part of the car to meet the national standard requirements.


Main purpose:

Mainly test the product under the condition of in the rain, prevent the rain infiltration capacity and have been in the rain or rain performance.

Mainly used in the assessment of electrical and electronic products shell/seal after water test or during the test if you can guarantee that the equipment status and good work performance and component technology. At the same time or use of the transport process may be affected by flooding in, provides the reference basis for the product technical standard.


Strength index:

1、In the rain intensity: the front to an average of 12 + 1 mm/min, after the two side and up and down, for the average 8 + / - 1 mm/min.
2、Power supply: AC 380 v three-phase plus or minus 5% 50 hz
3、Nozzle pressure: 150 kPa plus or minus 10 kPa
4、Pressure gauge: installed in the pump outlet pressure gauge, pressure: 0-0.5 MPa
5、Meter: installed after the pump export basins valve installation, flow: 0 to 25 m3 / h


Company vision and strength:

TKT team will bring you more cooling and comfort world widely continuously.

1) OEM/ODM/Customized Available.
2) Word Leader Manufacture of Bus A/C & Truck Refrigeration Units.
3) TS 16949/ISO9001 2010/ISO 14001 Quality Control Certification.

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