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TKT Solution for EV Battery Thermal Management System

Battery thermal management systems play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance, safety, and durability of power batteries in electric buses.
TKT has developed 3KW-10KW battery thermal management systems specifically designed for electric buses, electric trucks, and heavy equipment.
Our solutions for Battery Thermal Management Systems are being used by global OEMs to maximize vehicle mileage, increase service life, and ensure battery safety. Our customers appreciate our top-notch, reasonably-priced products.
> 3KW-12KW Option
> OEM&ODM Team Service
> BYD, TATA Partner
> Use for EV Bus, EV Truck and Heavy Equipments
TKT Battery Thermal Management System

TKT's superior battery thermal management system can provide long-lasting power for your electric vehicle.

TKT battery thermal management system Introduction:

TKT started researching and designing a battery thermal management system (BTMS) in 2012. Our foundation is to optimize battery performance, prolong its life, and increase energy efficiency. In order to meet these challenges, TKT has developed a 3KW-10KW battery thermal management system for EV buses, EV trucks, and heavy equipment, etc. to solve these problems. The temperature of the battery pack is kept in an appropriate range through coolant cooling and PTC heating to maintain longer mileage and service life. TKT has the price advantage of mass production and the supply capacity of global OEM customers.


TKT battery thermal management system solution:

TKT's types of li ion battery thermal management systems are now available for electric buses, electric trucks, construction vehicles, municipal vehicles, ships, and other commercial vehicles. There are many options for you to choose from. We will also participate in the design and development of vehicles, providing a full range of OEM services. The advantages of high-quality, high-demand products and prices for mass-produced products make us an obvious partner for you. We provide design and technical support for the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, including more than 150 outstanding companies such as BYD, Tata Motors, and Switch Mobility.

Cooling Capacity 3KW 3KW 5KW 5KW 10KW
Heating Capacity 3KW 3KW 5KW 5KW 6KW
Voltage 240-360VDC 240-360VDC 450-750VDC 450-750VDC 450-750VDC
Coolant Flow 15-50L/Minute 15-50L/Minute 15-50L/Minute 15-50L/Minute 15-50L/Minute
Weight 25kg 25kg 40kg 30kg 40kg
Size(L*W*H) 587*355*242mm 750*355*242mm 750*550*293mm 618*350*392mm 780*430*380mm
Installation Roof Top Chassis Roof Top Chassis Roof Top


As a world leading manufacturer of BTMS, TKT HVAC has a team of 135 engineers including design engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, test engineers, EMI/EMC engineers, and after-sales engineers with complete design, development, testing and certification c abilities for refrigeration equipment and components. We offer you more than just our products. We are at your service all the way. Our technicians advise you right from the start and integrate our solutions perfectly into your existing systems. We also welcome all excellent OEMs to discuss technolog y and develop with us.

Problems we solve for you:

1. Don't worry about the battery overheating under running or natural conditions. Even in harsh environments, it can keep the battery stable.
2. Don't worry about battery performance degradation. Our BTMS battery pack thermal management system cooling system advanced technology can ensure the best performance and solve battery failure.
3. Optimize battery usage while reducing energy consumption for a greener future.

Our Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicles Advantage:

1. Patented design, trustworthy expertise in battery thermal management improves battery reliability.
2. Liquid cooling (coolant) combined with PTC heating ensures long-lasting performance.
3. Compared with other products on the market, it is lighter in weight, thus reducing the burden on the vehicle.
4. Adopt an integrated layout scheme. We can provide both ATS and BTMS System integrated solutions.
5. Adopt CAN control to avoid damage to the battery pack by misuse. The system adapts to changing conditions, enabling high-precision control.
6. Intelligent thermal control: prevent overheating or overcooling. Extend battery cycle life
7. The quality and performance are recognized by global customers. A large number of cases for you to choose, or choose exclusive OEM service.


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