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TKT HVAC keeps working during the holidays

DATE: Feb 2nd, 2022


TKT HVAC keeps working during the holidays

The year 2022 corresponds to the Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger, and February 1 is the Chinese New Year. This is the most important annual festival for the Chinese people, and even though they are thousands of miles apart, they will want to be together with their loved ones.
However, our customers are also important family members to us. Therefore, during the New Year, we will arrange our staff to continue to serve you, including production packaging, product consultation and after-sales service.

We also wish all our customers, all the best and good health.


TKT HVAC's plant at work

Because of the booming orders, workers are working carefully to ensure quality and on-time delivery.


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Air conditioning and refrigeration units for buses, trucks, and other vehicles are welcome to continue to inquire if you need them.

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