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Good news: 35units TKT Truck A/C ready to ship to Hungary!

DATE: Feb 15th, 2022

TKT Truck A/C Hungary orders:
After comparing other brands, this Hungarian customer Mike wisely decided to choose TKT Truck A/C. We lived up to our customer's trust and completed the order for 35 units of 20ER on time and shipped them smoothly while ensuring the quality of the product.
(PS.Electric Truck A/C, also called Parking A/C , refers to the ability of the air conditioner to cool the vehicle even when the engine is turned off, and is also called battery operated air conditioning and electric air conditioning. Normally it is designed for clients who want to use air conditioner when their vehicle parked in stationary. It can be applied widely on truck cabin, trailer, farming machine, construction machine, caravan, etc.)


Why Hungarian customers choose TKT:
After talking with clients and getting to know their requirements, our professional sales come up forward the suitable and economic cooling solution. After the customer fully understood the market and products, confirmed the order.

※ 25 Engineers with Master and Doctor Degree

※ 61 Engineers with Bachelor Degree to Provide 24 Hours Online Service
※ 480 Workers with 4-8 Years Assembling Experience
※ 85+ Countries to Provide you Perfect After Sales Service

TKT Quality Manufacturing:
We maintained production during spring break and produced 35 sets of 20ER on time with quality assurance, and did quality inspection to every units before shipping to make sure there is no quality problem, so that customers can use it without worry. In addition, we also sent some free spare parts along with cargo, just incase clients need it for service in future.
Now, they are already packed well and ready for shipping, and I can looking forward to the big smile of the customer after receiving the goods.


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