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Luoyang Mengjin District Secretary Visits TKT Bus Air Conditioner Production Line

DATE: Oct 18th, 2023

On the morning of October 18th, the Secretary of the Mengjin District Committee in Luoyang visited TKT's advanced production factory located in Luoyang, China, and was received by Mr. Huang, the head of TKT. The focus of the visit was TKT's bus air conditioner production line.



TKT, as a global leader in bus air conditioner manufacturing, has been researching, designing, and producing bus air conditioners since 1993, being the first in China. TKT's bus air conditioner products cover a range of 5.5M-18M vehicles, such as city buses, long-distance coaches, double-decker buses, and more. Moreover, TKT's electric bus air conditioning system represents green energy. Since 2012, TKT has been committed to providing economical and comfortable air conditioning systems for electric buses, trams, trolleybuses, hybrid buses, etc.

During the visit, the Secretary and his team delved deep into understanding the production process, environmental measures, and actual safety management of TKT's bus air conditioner. They expressed high appreciation for TKT's work and showed optimism for TKT's future development.


TKT's bus air conditioner is not only technologically advanced but also excels in material selection, safety and stability, and unique design. TKT's bus air conditioner adopts a patented condenser coil structure, maximizing heat release while minimizing material usage, renowned as the epitome of heat exchange efficiency in China.


With the growing global demand for green energy, TKT's EV air conditioner will continue to provide more comfortable and economical solutions for buses worldwide.

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