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TKT Charging Stations Receive High Praise from Bhekrai Nagar Bus Depot in Pune, India

DATE: Oct 12th, 2023

Pune, Maharashtra, India - Last month, Bhekrai Nagar Bus Depot in Pune, Maharashtra, India, made a strategic move by integrating 270 TKT charging stations into their infrastructure. After a month of operation, the depot has expressed immense satisfaction with the performance and reliability of our products.

Mr. Dinesh Navgire, an Electrical Engineer associated with the project, shared, "The decision to incorporate TKT's charging stations at our depot has proven to be beneficial. Their performance and reliability have been commendable. These charging stations not only offer rapid and efficient charging solutions but also demonstrate stability in daily operations."

He further added, "In my capacity as an Electrical Engineer, I've observed that TKT's charging stations have met our stringent requirements and even exceeded our expectations. Both our drivers and passengers have given high praise to these charging stations."


TKT is honored by such positive feedback and remains committed to delivering high-quality products and services to customers worldwide.

This collaboration further solidifies TKT's leading position in the global market, and we look forward to fostering long-term relationships with more clients.
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