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TKT HVAC Helps Accelerate the Global Pure Electric Bus Development

DATE: Dec 9th, 2022

In recent years, under the combined pressure of the energy and environmental crises, electric buses in urban public transport has been increasing worldwide. It started in China, and it took several years for other regions to make the transition. Today 100% electric buses are a beautiful sight on the streets. And TKT, as a leading bus air conditioning supplier in China, will help to accelerate the development of 100% electricity worldwide.

TKT 100% Electric Bus Air Conditioning:
Effective air conditioning solutions keep the air quality, humidity and temperature in bus passenger compartments at a more comfortable level. TKT started working on the development of air conditioning systems for electric buses in 2009. We have built close relationships with the industry's leading manufacturers of electric buses and no one knows 100% electric air conditioning better than we do. TKT plans to continue to invest heavily in electric air conditioning research and development efforts to provide better bus air conditioning solutions to our customers worldwide.

Proven OEM Experience:
In the international market, TKT is an OEM partner of Tata Motors, Tata Marco Polo Motors, Daewoo and others. Bus air conditioning products are exported to 85 countries. We have sales and service centres all over the world. After 24 years of experience, we are increasingly adapted to global production and demand. With the development of time and technology, TKT electric bus air conditioners offer better stability and lower noise levels. Considering the very important role that bus air conditioning systems play in regulating humidity, airflow, air quality and temperature inside the vehicle, we have put a lot of effort into it.

Sophisticated Technical Ability:
As the world's leading manufacturer of air conditioner, TKT has a team of 135 engineers, including design engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, test engineers, EMI/EMC engineers and after-sales engineers, with complete design, development, testing and certification capabilities for refrigeration equipment and components. Patented coil structure design, more economical. Attention to detail and continuous improvement in product quality. Having successfully passed hundreds of tests, as the second most power-consuming component, we optimise the bus air conditioning design early on to suit our customers' needs. The air conditioning system must have lower energy consumption and excellent control performance to provide greater range for 100% electric buses.

Professional Technical Support:
Insisting on making the best products and reducing after-sales is the best service. However, TKT has experienced after-sales teams in China and around the world, providing indigenized service in 85 countries and extensive after-sales technical support for all OEM. In order to better meet the needs of global customers, grasp the development opportunities of the global 100% electric bus industry and help the development of the global electric business, TKT provides you with the most reliable support.

Everything seemed ready:
TKT has been waiting for an opportunity to take our products further afield. Our footsteps will not stop there. Technology, innovation, development, change. Making the world a greener place is our lifelong pursuit. Building on our strengths, TKT looks forward to working with you to help the development of the global 100% power business and make the world a better place.

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