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3 Tips for Identifying the Performance of Transport Refrigeration Units

DATE: Feb 3rd, 2023

TKT dealer friends feedback: the market truck refrigeration unit for refrigerated trucks with a lot of brands, similar appearance, use. but the quality performance has great differences, how to identify the performance of refrigeration units good or bad? Why should I choose the TKT brand?

Today will share with you the truck refrigeration unit performance identification skills.

Refrigeration unit as medical, food, and other cold chain transport supporting facilities, the main play "refrigeration" function. Fast refrigeration, long life is the basic performance requirements. With the popularisation and application of technology in all industries, the development of refrigeration units to intelligence is the inevitable path to industrial upgrading. In short: cooling fast + long life + intelligent =basic configuration refrigeration unit.

How to make the refrigeration unit fast cooling?

All core components and accessories of TKT are branded products with guaranteed performance quality to ensure fast cooling of the refrigeration unit. In addition, the refrigerant also has an impact on the cooling speed, so we are in the purchase of cold machine, in addition to the quality of parts, but also need to pay attention to the supporting refrigeration performance and reliability of the refrigeration machine.

How to make the refrigeration unit life longer?

Refrigeration unit service life and working environment, personnel operations, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator four core components and other accessories are related to the configuration of high and low. TKT recommends that you pay more attention to the design life cycle and performance quality of the compressor when purchasing a refrigeration unit.

How to choose a Transport Refrigeration Units manufacturer?

Traditional refrigeration units will gradually upgrade to the direction of digital refrigeration units, we should tend to master the refrigeration unit R & D and production of key technologies manufacturers, these manufacturers supply product components are taken from the excellent quality brand, service life, refrigeration effect and other performance quality are guaranteed, and simple assembly of refrigeration units have the essential difference, in addition, their service system is more complete. Dealers and users do not need to worry about after-sales problems.

TKT has been working in the refrigeration industry for 25 years, and we have a strict quality control process to ensure that each unit is of high quality. We invite all dealers to visit us in China.

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