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【EXPO】2022 Smart Cold Chain Expo & TKT HVAC

DATE: Nov 28th, 2022

Smart Cold Chain Expo is the only dedicated event in India covering the entire value chain of cold logistics, temperature controlled warehousing and cold supply chain. The expo and conference will be held at the HITEX Exhibition Centre in Hyderabad from 1-3 December 2022 and will bring together end users, buyers and service providers seeking new business, networking and learning opportunities.
The entire TKT staff wishes a successful Smart Cold Chain Expo 2022. TKT HVAC will bring the latest pure electric truck refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units and tricycle refrigeration units to the event.

TKT Transport Refrigeration Units:
Considering the different demands of customers for Truck refrigeration systems, Truck refrigeration units generally include two types, one for transporting fresh cargo and the other (freezer unit) for transporting frozen cargo on the road, as for truck freezer unit, is mainly divided into small truck refrigeration unit, mid truck refrigeration unit and large truck refrigeration unit. Depending on refrigeration system driven type, it can be classified as: Vehicle Engine Direct Driven Units, Engine Direct Driven unit with AC220V/380V Electric standby unit and Diesel engine driven units respectively.

Pure Electric Tricycle Refrigeration Units:
Our TR series is designed for refrigerated tricycles. A unique combination of control and convenience, combined with low noise and reduced weight. A powerful solution for your urban environment and last-mile delivery. We also provide maximum support for more people to develop their small business and expect more people to pay attention to food safety and traffic safety.

All end-users and stakeholders, including cold storage owners/operators, progressive farmers, consultants and institutions, as well as end-user companies from different sectors will attend the event to find new markets and innovative solutions for their cold storage, production units, and to strengthen their cold chain operations.
Once again, we wish the success of this event. Let's see you on October 1st.

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