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What Are Some Tips On How To Buy An Rv Air Conditioner?

DATE: Apr 23rd, 2024
There are times when you may find that the air conditioner in your RV may not be very effective in cooling your home. When you are in such a caravan which is like a steam oven and sweating profusely, I am afraid your experience of caravan traveling will not be that good. Today, we will analyze how to effectively avoid the heat under the scorching sun, the use of RV air conditioning, and air conditioning maintenance.

Types And Features Of RV Air Conditioners

The caravan air conditioner unit we are talking about actually mainly refers to the air conditioner used when stationed in the car. According to the current configuration, the caravan is divided into the following types.

1. Roof-mounted air conditioners for RVs

From the look of it, it is the kind with a big bag on top of the roof.

1) Reliability is guaranteed, after all, it is a product that has been upgraded after a long time of use.
2) Saves storage space in the RV.

1) The price is a bit more expensive compared to other kinds.
2) Takes up space on the roof.
3) Roof opening, needs regular maintenance to prevent the glue from cracking and leaking.
4) Resonance problem.

2. Bottom-mounted air conditioner for RV

The opposite of a roof-mounted air conditioner for RVs is a bottom-mounted air conditioner, except that the compressor can be mounted not on the roof, but in any safe place inside the vehicle. Unlike a roof-mounted air conditioner, the air vent and compressor are separate and need to be connected to the air vent through a ventilation line. But there is an advantage, you can arrange the air vents at any place.

1) Multiple air outlets can be set up and connected with ventilation ducts, making it the best choice for decentralized air distribution solutions.

1) Expensive.
2) Takes up storage space in the car.
3) Needs to open cooling vents.
4) Relatively complicated construction, because of the need for piping.

3. Home air conditioning

Now more and more RV users choose home air conditioning as the preferred product for RV air conditioning.

(1) Save electricity, electricity is the most critical energy for caravans, and saving electricity means high self-sustainability.
(2) Save money, compared with the price of household air conditioning more transparent.
(3) silent, external, and internal split, the internal unit is generally silent.
(4) high energy efficiency ratio, cooling capacity, and the existence of air conditioning the meaning of rapid, and long-lasting to provide the appropriate temperature inside the car.

1) Takes up extra storage space.
2) The external unit requires space for good ventilation and cooling.
3) Requires refrigerant.

4. DC Split Air Conditioner

DC split air conditioners have similar advantages and disadvantages as home air conditioners. However, there are still some differences between home air conditioners in terms of energy use or lightweight.

In addition to having most of the advantages of domestic air conditioning (cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratio can not be compared with domestic air conditioning), the advantages of its difference from domestic air conditioning are also reflected.
1) No inverter intervention, energy saving, and low consumption.
2) Compared with domestic air conditioners, the outer unit can be made smaller, lightweight design.

1) Only single-cooled.
2) The price is actually about the same as a special overhead air conditioner for RVs.

5. Black technology air conditioning

Not greedy for cheap, rational consumption these black technology products will not cheat you. So there are a lot of factors that determine the price of an RV, and in the whole air conditioning market, there are many types, and there is a price difference. So buy caravan air conditioning, look at the detailed configuration, and then look at the price, even if you figure cheap, don't buy an air conditioner and power consumption, cooling is not as effective as an electric fan. Finally play caravan suffer or your own, you understand what it means.

Caravan Air Conditioning Is Not A Cold Problem

All kinds of air conditioners are a principle. It's all a compressor, condenser, evaporator, controller refrigerant, and other components. Then we will analyze the whole, why sometimes feel the air conditioning is not too cold, some are the problems with the air conditioning itself, and some are maintenance, and use of the problem.

1. Environment

Solar panels are a great thing, they provide your RV with free electricity when the weather is nice (of course, you'll need to break the bank to acquire them). But this can be a double-edged sword in the summer - on the one hand you need to spend electricity to keep the air conditioning down, and on the other hand you want free solar power to replenish it. As in this year's hot weather, I'm afraid that the amount of power you can add to the air conditioner under the hot sun will not be enough to meet the energy required to turn on the air conditioner at full power. Because the highest power generation of solar panels is at 25 ℃ conditions, every one degree higher, the power generation will have a certain loss.

Therefore, sun exposure, charging, and cooling at the same time are not desirable, it is best to go to a place in the shade.

2. Reduce heat exchange

There are three forms of heat exchange: heat conduction, heat radiation, and heat convection.

Heat conduction, there is not much to say, heat insulation depends on the material of your compartment, the design of the heat insulation layer, thermal bridging treatment, and so on.

Then heat radiation, does not need to contact, but through the air or vacuum for heat propagation. A typical example of this is when the sun shines through the windows on a summer day, and you'll notice that the area exposed to the sun is warmer than the rest of the car. This is why it is said above, don't park under the sun in the summer. The best way to deal with the sun shining into your car is to let the light return, simply by putting sunshade reflectors on your windows.

Thermal convection is the transfer of heat from a higher temperature to a lower temperature through a gas or liquid. For the inside of our motorhome, all those appliances that can generate heat are where heat convection occurs, and the hot air all rises. That's why you'll feel warmer in the upper spaces of the vehicle than in the lower spaces of the vehicle. Especially C-type motorhomes are the most obvious, the temperature of the frontal bed position is higher than the rear bed, to solve this problem is to use the roof ventilation fan to release as much hot air as possible.

3. Air conditioner working temperature

Whether the air conditioner can work properly actually depends on the issue of its working environment. General roof air conditioning working temperature can not be greater than 52 ℃, and home air conditioning also has its external working temperature, once more than the working temperature, which will inevitably affect the efficiency of the air conditioning. The most important manifestation is that the air conditioner does not cool. Imagine if you do physical work in a hot environment, whether you can hold on to the line, the air conditioning is the same reason.

So, in the summer heat situation, don't charge free solar energy for the sun in the sun, today this has been reported 38 ℃ weather, the actual you go to climb the roof of the car to try to know. Caravan's special roof air conditioning why not as good as home air conditioning one reason is that it can not work properly on the roof of the sun, and home air conditioning of the external unit is hidden under the car.

If you understand the maximum temperature of the caravan roof air conditioning work, in the use of the ability to pay more attention it can also provide the right temperature of the caravan life, do not have to spend a waste of money and then go to modify the home air conditioning.

4. Maintenance of air-conditioning

How much time your RV air conditioner has not done cleaning and maintenance?

No matter which kind of air conditioner you have, the best way to make it more efficient cooling for you is to clean and maintain your air conditioner regularly.

A. Remove dirt from the ventilation grill of the outside unit regularly. Generally, the most important problem of air conditioner not cooling appears in the outside unit ventilation is not good, and the air conditioner itself has heat dissipation problems lead to.
B. Wet cloth to clean the air outlet of the outside unit, strong hands can also clean the evaporator, fan blades, and so on.
C. Regularly check that the condensate drain channel is clear and that condensate can be discharged, as such problems can lead to water ingress inside the RV.
D. Periodically clean the filters of the built-in fan.
E. Check the wires and pipe connections inside the unit, as sometimes the complex driving conditions may cause loose circuits;
F: Replenish the matching refrigerant.

If, for the air conditioning cleaning or maintenance of their reluctance to do it, you can look for manufacturers of after-sales or tuning points, so that the professionals to help you.


Each kind of air conditioning has its advantages and disadvantages, just to find the right way to use it, to open the correct instruction manual. For many RV enthusiasts in the purchase of the time, the manufacturer sales will not be complete to tell you some more real experience, often see most of them are selling home air conditioning configurations that overhead air conditioning is garbage, selling soft panels solar panels are said to be hard panels of all kinds of bad. Because of the whole RV air conditioning market environment, we should have their judgment and analysis.
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