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DC 12/24V RV Air Conditioner for Sale

Traditional RV air conditioners typically rely on standard alternating current (AC), which consumes very high amounts of energy compared to DC air conditioners.
DC 12/24V RV air conditioners offer unmatched efficiency by utilizing either the vehicle battery directly or a dedicated auxiliary power source.
One of the biggest advantages of DC 12/24V RV air conditioners is their mobility and versatility. These units can operate in a variety of environments, making them ideal for off-grid travel, camping, and even emergencies.
TKT, the world's leading manufacturer of caravan air conditioners, conducts research and design resulting in high-quality products and factory prices, making us popular with our customers.
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Caravan air conditioners Introduction:

Air Conditioner for Caravan Introduction:

TKT, as the leading manufacturer of caravan air conditioners in the world, began the research, design, and production of caravan air conditioners in 2001 due to the higher comfort requirement of caravans. From the beginning, TKT designed a range of Caravan air conditioner units, which are all capable of being installed in Caravans, RV, Motor homes, Campers, and Yachts for the global market.
One of the biggest advantages of DC 12/24V RV air conditioners lies in their mobility and versatility. With the ability to function on both 12 and 24V power systems, these air conditioners are compatible with a wide range of RVs, campers, trailers, and even boats. We also produce AC220V-240V RV air conditioning series products. The whole series of products are factory price, welcome to inquire.

Specification Table:

Model No. TKT-20ERT TKT-30UB-DC
Cooling Capacity 2500W(8525BTU) 3000W(10230BTU) 2500W(8525BTU)
Heating Capacity   2800W Heating 2500W(8525BTU)
Structure Roof Top Under-bed
Refrigerant R134A
Power Supply 12V/24v 12V/24V
Upper Unit Sizes 805*805*180 575*455*290
Net Weight 28KG 29KG 20KG
Application RV, Caravan, Motor Home, Camper, Yacht
Why choose the TKT RV air conditioner?
Multiple installation options:

Providing you with the ideal RV air conditioner. TKT-30UB is under bed design, preserving the exterior walls as well as the interior of the RV. TKT-40SD & 40THIN are roof-mounted.

Low noise and vibration:
With a one-piece EPP frame, outdoor air is circulated through the floor or wall, so there is no noise problem bothering passengers. Its small size and light weight make it easy to install and maintain. Has removable and washable filters to keep the interior clean. Uses environmentally friendly and non-blockchain refrigerant R410A.

Comfort and stability:
The TKT-40SD and 40THIN use ACRG distribution boxes with fully adjustable louvers and blower speeds to provide just the right amount of cooling comfort, and axial fans to generate high airflow to cool condensates. the TKT-30UB is able to distribute air evenly and flexibly throughout the room with 3 vents and hoses for greater comfort. Truly powerful cooling comfort, higher efficiency, and more stable operation.

Caravan air conditioning design:
Designed according to the trend of European and Australian caravans, with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing RV air conditioners, it is especially suitable for medium and large self-propelled caravans. Humanized design, such as TKT-40THIN, the outer unit is designed to be thinner for cities with limited height, in addition, the smooth shroud design reduces the resistance.

Safety voltage level:
A safer system with a higher level of protection. Various high standard certifications in the US and Europe, CE, RHS certification.

Air conditioning installation:
Considering the different needs of customers for caravan air conditioners, the whole series of TKT caravan air conditioners have two types of installation, one is concealed installation, which can be installed under benches, sofas, beds or cabinets, etc., and the other is rooftop installation. This series is specially designed for caravans, motorhomes, campers, and yachts, using high-quality imported compressors including RECHI, LG, and Mitsubishi from Taiwan. Both the compressor and the control system are powered by electricity or batteries.  

All Product:

OEM/ODM Process
During the passed 24 years, TKT grows to the 100% OEM choice in China, for both bus A/C and truck refrigeration units, such as Yutong, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Xiamen Golden Dragon ect (Bus A/C), CIMC, Xinfei, Hongyu ect (Truck Refrigeration units). For the international market, TKT is the OEM for TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo Motors, Daewoo ect, and exported to more than 85 countries with sales and service center.

If you are interested in working with TKT, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best commercial electric vehicle air conditioning products price, and full service.

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