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How fresh about seafood in long-distance transport?

DATE: Feb 27th, 2018
About long-distance transport of seafood preservation
1. Long-distance transport of live shrimp: Transport Shrimp need to slowly reduce the water pool, the temperature at 12-14 ℃, so that live shrimp barely activity, when the shrimp appearance slightly red, then remove the live shrimp packing. This transport can be extended for 3-5 days.

2. Long-distance transport of live turtle: short-distance transport Pupal basket directly, with the line will be separated in the baskets, stratified wet Po stamped transport, single layer can live about 18 pounds of turtle. Long-distance transport can be stamped with barrels, paving the bottom of the barrels containing water, yellow sand, but to avoid water soaking, the summer should pay attention to avoid mosquito bites, keep warm in winter, stamped with straw.

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