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Truck Refrigeration Units
Truck Refrigeration Units

Electric Truck Refrigeration Units

TKT, the leading manufacturer of transport refrigeration units in China, has been researching, designing and producing refrigeration units since 1993, and we were also the first company to design and produce electric refrigeration systems in China.
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TKT all-electric refrigeration units

TKT Electric Truck Refrigeration Units:
The TE series represents the new all-electric refrigeration unit technology from TKT. It offers our customers a refrigeration unit that goes beyond conventional refrigeration units and helps them to achieve their sustainability goals.        
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Specification Table:   
The Critical components TKT Refrigeration Units system uses are imported from Famous World Top Brand with High Quality, and a stylish design that fits any Truck model.
Tips: Depending on the type of vehicle, ambient temperature, transported cargo and required cooling capacity, you can choose the most suitable product with the help of our sales team.
Model TE280 TE500 TE1180(Custom)
Cooling Capacity 0℃ 2200W 4450W 10600W
-20℃ 1200W 2400W 5500W
Refrigerant R404A 1.4KG 2.5KG 5.7KG
Voltage level High Voltage 280V~550V 250~750V 550~750V
Low Voltage 12V 12V/24V 24V
Power 1460W 3300W 8265W
Condenser size L 960mm 1620mm 1870mm
W 830mm 600mm 452mm
H 200mm 520mm 628mm
Weight 40KG 92KG 200KG
Evaporator size L 608mm 994mm 1870mm
W 490mm 558mm 452mm
H 162mm 220mm 628mm
Weight 10KG 21KG 30KG*2pcs
Evaporator Volume 750m³/h 1500m³/h 5000m³/h
Condenser Fans Number 2 2 2
Heating 1 2 6
Standby Option Option Option

Truck Refrigeration Units Design Advantage:
1Electricity TechnologySustainable development
2Ultra-thin designSpace-saving
3Frequency conversion technologyhigh efficiency and energy saving
4PID dual mode controlFast temperature reduction
5FEA analysisLighter construction
6IP67 protection classInsulation withstanding voltage
7Intelligent controlEasy to operate
8GPS positioningReal-time monitoring

Test Video of TKT Truck Refrigeration Units:

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