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Dear Customer-From TKT Staff

DATE: Mar 31st, 2022
Dear Customer:

TKT was established in 1993. To this day, as the most trusted partner, I think we have remain true to the original aspiration.

I believe you have seen the mixed products in the market. We have also been confused whether to cater to the market or not. A price war would mean keeping costs down, and keeping costs down would mean cutting back on spending per material. This question has plagued us for a long time.

Seeing the vehicles coming and going on the road, are you also thinking about how the temperature inside as I do? In this industry, there is always someone who needs to stay true to the beginning. For many challenges, TKT has a high quest for providing a comfortable environment for drivers and passengers, transporting and protecting vegetables, fruits, ice cream, milk, meat, etc.

Vehicles spend a lot of time traveling to and from various places on a daily basis. We need to ensure that the temperature and air quality in the interior does not cause physical discomfort to people or damage to goods.

TKT is recognized as a trusted partner in the refrigeration industry. We have been using the best materials for 30 years, because we know that the best service for customers is to reduce after-sales.

Then we figured out that no matter how many years have passed,we will never change.
TKT Staff

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