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Commercial Vehicle eBTM - TKT Research and Development Process

DATE: Apr 12th, 2022
TKT Research and Development Process:

TKT, a leading global manufacturer of pure electric commercial vehicle refrigeration equipment from China. Established in 1998 in Suzhou, China, TKT has been committed to producing high quality, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly bus air conditioning and truck refrigeration units for the world since its inception.

Today, protecting the environment is a growing global concern. Commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world are looking for alternative drive vehicle solutions, most importantly purely electric vehicles. To ensure safety and extend the life of the vehicle's batteries, the powertrain and energy systems must operate under optimal thermal conditions. Batteries should operate in a temperature range of 20 to 45°C. If they get too hot, they begin the electrochemical aging process. If they are operated at temperatures below 20°C, performance will be significantly reduced.

Why TKT Choose Battery ThermalManagement:

Today, based on the market demand for electric commercial vehicles, TKT started researching and designing Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) in 2012. In the battery cooling system keeps the battery pack temperature in the right range to maintain longer mileage and service life. We call it eBTM, but TKT can have both cooling and heating functions. In general, an effective battery cooling system is necessary to ensure battery life and performance. To meet these challenges, TKT has developed a range of products to address these issues, enabling each component to operate under optimized thermal conditions, extending service life and increasing efficiency.

Liquid Coolant Cooling:

Electrical products generate heat when they work, and this heat is detrimental to the electrical components in the power system. Traditionally, air has been used to remove the heat. The heat is actually blown away. An air cooling system requires an air circulation system with ducts and vents, a fan unit to move the air, and a chiller unit to cool the heated air before it is returned to the circulation.
Another, better way to remove heat is to use a coolant cooling. The process here is also simple. The heat source has a radiator or a component that can be cooled with liquid. Cold liquid is circulated to the heat source and the heated liquid is pumped out and cooled with a water-to-water heat exchanger or a water-to-air cooler. A liquid cooling system requires a piping system, pumping station and a water-water heat exchanger or water-air cooler unit.

Why Choose TKT:

Over the past 10 years, TKT has designed and manufactured BCS to meet the requirements of various OEM customers, such as BYD, Yutong, and Golden Dragon in China, and TATA Motors in India, Daewoo in Korea, and other overseas markets. The cooling capacity and heating capacity of BCS ranges from 3-10KW according to customers' requirements, which can meet the requirements of different commercial vehicles even if the ambient temperature reaches 60 ℃ or -20℃. TKT also makes roof-mounted BCS, side-mounted BCS and chassis-mounted BCS according to different customers' requirements.
All in all, BCS is a highly customized component and we can make it exactly according to the customer's requirements.TKT, as a reliable partner in the refrigeration industry, is looking forward to creating valuable products with you.

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