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What is Parking Air Conditioning?

DATE: Dec 15th, 2023
According to a survey, long-haul truck drivers spend 80% of their time on the road in a year, and 47.4% of them choose to spend the night in the car, which for many drivers is their second home. The use of original air conditioning is not only expensive fuel consumption, but also easy to wear the engine, and even the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

As for the earlier many truckers directly installed the home air conditioning, in addition to the cheaper price, or need to add a 220V inverter to the air conditioning power supply. There are also large vibrations, the home machine is easy to break down, and other disadvantages. Based on this, parking air conditioning has become an indispensable long-distance rest companion for truck drivers.

The parking air conditioner is a kind of vehicle air conditioner.

It means that when waiting and resting, the air conditioner can be operated continuously with the DC power supply from the vehicle battery (12V/24V/36V) to regulate and control the temperature, humidity, flow rate, and other parameters of the ambient air inside the vehicle, to fully satisfy the comfort and cooling needs of the truck drivers.

Due to the limitation of vehicle battery power and poor user experience in winter heating, the parking truck air conditioner is mainly a single-cooling type air conditioner. Generally includes refrigerant media delivery system, cold source equipment, end devices and other auxiliary systems. Mainly includes the condenser, evaporator, electronic control system, compressor, fan, and piping system. The end device utilizes the cold volume from the transmission and distribution to specifically deal with the air condition in the cabin of the vehicle to provide a comfortable resting environment for the truck driver.

Parking air conditioner is a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly electrically driven air conditioner. Compared with traditional vehicle air conditioners, parked air conditioners do not need to rely on vehicle engine power, which saves fuel and reduces environmental pollution.

History of Parking Air Conditioner

In the beginning, the original truck air conditioning, only in the new car back to a period can work properly, and soon became a decoration. Can only rely on the window to open a little wind blowing in to cool down. However, the actual use of the window proved to increase the fuel consumption of high-speed driving than opening the air conditioning is more.

Later, the original air conditioner in the high-horsepower era could fully meet the needs of the truckers in the process, but the original air conditioner could only bring coolness to the truckers when the engine was running.

Sometimes due to waiting for unloading, loading, traffic jams and other reasons inevitably have to stop in the car to rest, live in a hostel will sometimes delay some loading and unloading of goods, plus in this low freight environment, for meals, accommodation these expenses can be saved to save a lot of card users helpless choice. In hot summer, after a period of exposure to the sun, the temperature inside the cab can often reach 40 to 50 degrees, rest in the car without air conditioning will lead to driver heat stroke. And idle open air conditioning to sleep for domestic truckers more fuel consumption spending, so from the tuning market parking air conditioning appeared!

Trucks of all kinds of parking air conditioning advantages and disadvantages?

Based on the market all kinds of parking air conditioning to the structure of the form is divided into two kinds split and integrated. Split and divided into split backpack type and split roof type. According to whether the frequency can be divided into fixed-frequency parking air conditioning and inverter parking air conditioning.

Roof-mounted Parking Air Conditioner
Roof-mounted parking air conditioner, generally installed on the top of the cab, using the original sunroof position, and the internal and external units using an integrated design.

1. installed on the roof of the car, not easy to be caught changing the type
2. Relatively mature technology

1. noise in the cab
2. Affects the use of sunroof

Backpack-type parking air conditioner
Backpack-type parking air conditioner is generally divided into two parts, the outer unit is installed in the back of the cab, and the principle is the same as home air conditioning.

1. good cooling effect
2. Cost-effective
3. low noise in the cab

1. The outside unit is obvious and easy to catch and modify.
2. The cab needs to install air-conditioning inside and outside units in many places to turn the hole

Parking A/C power supply question! Battery or generator?

Once the parked air conditioner is selected, the next consideration is the power source.

The next step is to consider the power supply. There are three general options for the power supply:
1. directly from the original battery
2. additional battery to power the parking air conditioner
3. Installation of generators

Original battery power

Taking power from the original battery is undoubtedly the simplest way, but due to the parking air conditioning power consumption is generally larger, the conventional original battery is no way to protect the parking air conditioning for a long time, frequent charging and discharging of the original battery is also relatively large damage.

1. can not be used for a long time
2. More damage to the original battery

Additional Battery

If you choose to add a set of additional batteries, usually choose AGM batteries (AGM batteries will be 2 times higher than the discharge of ordinary batteries, but also support deep discharge), and generally 220AH is enough.

Or choose to install lithium batteries, the price is slightly higher, 220AH almost 6000 dollars, but the battery life is longer. By the card friends measured, 200AH lithium battery, full power can run 4.5 hours, after three years of use, lithium battery capacity of about only 135AH.

Add AGM battery, advantages:
1. High discharge capacity
2. support deep discharge

Add lithium battery: slightly higher price, but long service life

Overall, no matter which form of parked air conditioning has its different characteristics and advantages. TKT HVAC specializes in the production and sale of various types of parked air conditioning products, contact us for the best price.
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