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2022 Prawaas TKT HVAC will Bring Latest Electric A/C to the Exhibition 

DATE: Jul 21st, 2022
Prawaas 3.0 is scheduled to be held between August 4-6 at Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad with its continued central theme “Towards Safe, Smart, Sustainable Passenger Mobility.”
All TKT staff wishes a successful Prawaas 3.0 in 2022. As an old friend who has been with Prawaas for two years, TKT HVAC will still bring the latest electric bus air conditioners, double-decker bus air conditioners, truck air conditioners, RV air conditioners, and the latest pure electric refrigerated tricycle refrigeration units to this event.

As we all know, TKT has always been famous for our product design and pure electric technology, and the theme of this year's Prawaas is Towards Safe, Smart, Sustainable Passenger Mobility, which is exactly the same as TKT's philosophy. We want to bring more coolness to more workers and passengers in hot areas, while developing technologies that do not destroy the earth and reduce emissions.

Electric Bus Air Conditioning:
As of this year, TKT's 260E, the most officially operated electric bus air conditioner in India today, has delivered nearly 500 units. It is expected that by next year, more and more cities will see TKT's bus air conditioners. This year we will introduce the air conditioning of the double-decker electric bus which has not been released yet, so that the city's bus has a more exciting performance. TaTa Motors will also use air conditioning from TKT when it shows off pure electric buses. which is already in the final stages of installation. TKT is very confident in our core technology, so please also wait and see. 

Pure Electric Tricycle Refrigeration Units:
Our TR series is specially designed for refrigerated tricycles. A unique combination of control and convenience, combined with low noise and reduced weight. A powerful solution for your urban environment and last mile deliveries. At the same time, we also provide the biggest support for more people to develop small businesses, and expects more people to pay attention to food safety and transportation safety.

Truck and RV Air Conditioning:
As the core product second only to bus air conditioners, our truck and RV air conditioners are constantly upgraded. From the original 1.0 to the current larger cooling capacity, more stable 2.0 products. This time we will demonstrate the performance in the high temperature of 55 ℃, and harsh road conditions. Although it has already been certified in the Indian market, we still insist that practice makes perfect.

Last but not least, TKT would like to wish Prawaas 3.0 to be held successfully, and we will see you on August 4th.

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