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Why not Choose the Right Bus Air Conditioning Supplier?

DATE: May 17th, 2022
A right bus air conditioning supplier will make your business work twice as hard. Don't just listen to what we're saying, look at what we've done.
Protecting the Green Environment:
As the first choice for reducing greenhouse gases, driven by zero emissions, each electric bus air conditioner helps local governments prevent annual emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, making for a healthier living environment. TKT's all-electric bus air conditioners are powered by battery packs, with zero fuel consumption and zero emissions; they use environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R134A and R407C, saving about 20% on gas cost.

Reduced Noise Pollution:
TKT has the lowest noise level in the industry.TKT's innovative spirit and dedication to reducing noise pollution has led to a design that takes noise reduction into account.TKT electric bus air conditioners make the buses 50% quieter than standard buses. This improves the quality of public transport rides and provides a smoother, quieter bus for urban life.

High Cooling Capacity:
Fast cooling is guaranteed even when the ambient temperature is above 55°C, creating a comfortable cabin environment for passengers and drivers. Different cooling mode options provide customers with more choices to meet all cooling requirements. Ensures that the air conditioner can be used in different road conditions, a feature that has been proven in the Indian market for the past 4 years.

Guaranteed Fresh Air:
The TKT pure electric bus HVAC system is designed with a fresh air system to increase the fresh air supply and improve air circulation in the enclosed passenger area. The fresh air system helps reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and other viruses in the air. This new system allows for more efficient management of ventilation flow. In addition, it has recently been optimized to achieve a balance between comfort, energy efficiency and ventilation, while also positively impacting the range of battery electric buses.

Safety and Protection:
The TKT bus air conditioner is light in weight and small in size. Even the largest 12-meter electric vehicle model measures no more than 3.2 meters, significantly reducing the weight of the vehicle, improving its safety and helping to increase its capacity and mileage. More fuses and high quality electrical components are used to withstand high voltage; multiple protection mechanisms such as high voltage protection and low voltage protection are used to protect the AC system well.

Battery Thermal Management System:
Today, based on the market demand for electric commercial vehicles, TKT started researching and designing Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) in 2012. In the battery cooling system keeps the battery pack temperature in the right range to maintain longer mileage and service life. We call it eBTM, but TKT can have both cooling and heating functions. In general, an effective battery cooling system is necessary to ensure battery life and performance.

If you are still putting up with the current bus AC, why not choose a right bus AC supplier?

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