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Importance of Battery Thermal Management Systems for Electric Trucks

DATE: Aug 7th, 2023
Importance of Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Truck:
Protecting the environment is increasingly becoming a worldwide concern. Truck and vehicle manufacturers all over the world are looking for alternative drive solutions. Most importantly battery electric vehicles (BEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)
For trucks, it is measured in working hours. For maximum autonomy, most of the stored power should be used for the primary purpose of the vehicle (driving, transporting or working) and not consumed by secondary uses (heating, cooling, fan drive). If the battery could also meet these needs, either the size, weight and cost would increase significantly, or the autonomy would decrease accordingly.

Why Need BTMS?
To ensure safety and extend the life of electric vehicles. The power train and energy system must operate under optimal thermal conditions. Overheating of the electric motor will cause an exponential decrease in its lifetime. Batteries should operate in a temperature range of 20 to 45°C. If they overheat, the electro-chemical aging process will begin. If they are operated at temperatures below 20°C, performance will degrade significantly. In addition, converters, transformers and power electronics are subject to overheating aging and stress factors.

What is TKT doing in such a case?
The battery cooling system is what keeps the battery pack temperature within a suitable range to maintain longer mileage and service life. The standard function is just cooling, so we call it a battery cooling system, but the TKT can make both cooling and heating functions. In general, an effective battery cooling system is a must to ensure longevity and performance. To meet these challenges, TKT has developed a range of products to address these issues, allowing each component to operate under optimized thermal conditions, extending life and increasing efficiency.
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