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How to Maintain Truck Refrigeration Units in Summer

DATE: Feb 27th, 2023

Truck Refrigeration Units in Summer:

Most goods that need to be in refrigerated trucks have a short shelf life. Especially in the summer, the goods are more prone to decay and deterioration. The refrigeration unit is the core component of a refrigerated truck. TKT has a few "Refrigeration Unit Maintenance Guidelines" to help you.

Truck Refrigeration units Daily Maintenance:

Refrigeration units running time is too long, the compressor is prone to problems. which leads to damage to the entire refrigeration system. TKT recommends that you check the truck body temperature every four hours. And observe whether the temperature reading in the refrigerated compartment is within the range of ±6°C set by the temperature controller. If the temperature is not within this range, it may be due to the following reasons, and the problem needs to be solved according to the specific situation.

Maintenance treatment:

1) The refrigerator is in defrost or has just finished its defrost cycle. If this is the case can be left alone, wait for the end of the refrigeration machine defrost and then do the check.

2) The evaporator is blocked. If the evaporator is blocked, you need to carry out a defrost operation to defrost the evaporator on the body.

3) The evaporator fan is not working properly (e.g. the fan belt is slipping). This situation can lead to poor circulation of the cold air flow inside the refrigerated compartment. For this situation, you can check the tightness of the fan belt by pressing it with your thumb; a 0.5 inch droop is normally allowed.

4) Insufficient Refrigerant. If the liquid level is not visible on the sight glass, it means that the amount of refrigerant is insufficient. Refrigerator add this work is not recommended for refrigerated truck drivers to do by themselves. Because the refrigerator add need professional personnel as well as special maintenance machinery.

You can contact the nearest refrigeration after-sales service point, to provide convenient and quick service for the majority of users.


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