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6 Reasons to Choose TKT Parking Air Conditioner

DATE: Mar 2nd, 2022
Nowadays, due to the care for workers, the hot local working environment is also taken into consideration. There are more and more options for truck air conditioners. tkt, as a supplier with nearly 30 years of export experience, has many products for you to choose from.
Different installation methods:
TKT parking air conditioners are available in rooftop self-contained design and split type design.
The TKT-20ER and TKT-50ER models are self-contained rooftop parking coolers with a one-piece design that makes them easy to install.
The TKT-20ES and TKT-50ES models are self-contained rooftop parking coolers with a split design: the condenser can be rear wall mounted (or roof mounted) and the digitally controlled evaporator is mounted in the truck compartment.

Different cooling capacity requirements:
3KW/5KW cooling capacity options are available to meet different cooling requirements! Standard voltage is DC12V/24V.(DC48V, DC72V, DC96V can be customized).

Why choose TKT parking air conditioner?
▶Reduce your costs:
Zero CO2 emission, real environmental protection; zero fuel consumption, help drivers to reduce cost: For example, if drivers use air conditioner 6 hours a day, 200 days a year, fuel consumption 3.5 liters/hour, fuel price: $0.9, then the reduced cost is. 6*200*3.5*0.9=$3780

▶Increase the security of comfortable rest:
Truck drivers can rest in a healthy climate and in a safe cabin. As stress and fatigue are reduced, the risk during driving is also reduced.

▶Best quality service:
18 months free warranty for the whole machine; 3 years free warranty for the electric compressor; sales and service center covering more than 85 countries, providing 7*24 hours technical support.

▶Easy installation:
Independent roof integrated design, refrigerant has been filled, even unskilled drivers can complete the installation, which can save a lot of installation costs. The split design does not require cutting the roof and does not affect the vehicle warranty.

▶Environment friendly:
Using durable parts from the world's top brands, the entire air conditioner can be guaranteed for more than 12 years.

▶Unique features:
3 cooling modes and different cooling capacities for all conditions to choose from, balancing cooling and power consumption.
Higher cooling has met the cooling requirements of extremely hot areas. Even the ambient temperature is 55C, which has been proven in the Indian and Gulf markets.

Sometimes cheap is not the best, choice is more important.

Complete OEM service:
▶25 Engineers with Master and Doctor Degree
▶61 Engineers with Bachelor Degree to Provide 24 Hours Online Service
▶Workers with 4-8 Years Assembling Experience
▶Countries to Provide you Perfect After Sales Service

For production, TKT has an experienced assembling team with 1240 members, who already worked for TKT more from 5-20 years, and the abundant experience can guarantee the 0 defect of all TKT products and pass the test. Meanwhile, TKT holds an experienced after sales team in China and world widely, which can provide local service in more than 85 countries in the world, and fulfill the after sales technical support from all the OEM world widely.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, instead of hesitating, please become friends with TKT, we will provide you with more support.

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