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4-6m³ Electric Van Refrigeration Units - 300E

> Function: Fresh/Frozen
> Power: Battery Powered
> Application: 4-6m³(-5℃)
> Voltage: DC12V/24V
Van Refrigeration Unit TKT-300E:

TKT-300E Electric Van Refrigeration Unitis specialized for small cargo van to keep fresh/frozen. It is powered by the battery of the vehicle, and has great advantages in environmental and highly efficient.

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TKT Van Refrigeration Units 
Main Features:
  • Really powerful Cooling Capacity, Large Air flow Capacity.
  • Green and Environment-friendly.
  • Famous World Top key components & Best raw materials.
  • Easy to Install and Operate.
  • Certificated by Various High Standard in US and Europe (CE, RHS etc. Certificate).
  • The high quality of the product guarantees its long life.
  • Excellent and considerate After-sales service (18 Months Warranty Time After Delivery;24/7     Service time)  
  • Reasonable price.
  • Stylish and intimate design
  • Low current, High-Low voltage protection

Product Name Van Refrigeration -- TKT-300E
Type Battery Driven
Structure Roof Top Model
Voltage DC12v / 24V
Volume of Container 4CBM-6CBM(-5℃)
Compressor Electrical Compressor(18cc)
Controller Digital, In Cab
Power Consumption 80A(12V)
Condenser Coil Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Fan No. 2
Dimension 928*920*251mm
Weight 39KG
Evaporator Coil Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Fan No. 1
Air Flow 3100 m3/h
Dimension 700*610*193mm
Weight 17 KG

Our products have patent certificates for appearance and cores. Our cores are made of copper tubes and aluminum fins, which will make the products last longer. It is different from the parallel flow products in the market. Reduce after-sales problems for you.

Van Refrigeration Units Structure:
  • Evaporator Assembly;
  • Rooftop Mounted Condenser Assembly with In-Built Electric Compressor (For DC Powered Electric Van Refrigeration Units); Independent compressor (For Engine Direct Driven Van Refrigeration Units)
  • In Cab Digital Controller
  • Motor(Stand by unit)
  • Other major components, such as Hoses Pipes, Wire Harness, Installation Accessories.

Inside Components:
  • Evaporator Assembly; Condenser Assembly; Compressor; Digital Controller; Motor; Hoses Pipes, Wire Harness, Installation Accessories.
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