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Electric Truck A/C, 3KW, Split- 20ES

> Cooling Capacity: 3KW(10230BTU)
> Voltage: DC12V/24V/48V/72/96V
> Application: Truck, Van, Tractor, Mining Machine, Motor Home, Caravan, Houseboat, etc.
Parking A/C TKT-20ES

TKT-20ES is electric/battery powered air conditioner for truck, trailer, construction vehicle and harvest machinery ect vehicle. It’s designed to provide comfortable environment for drivers when engine is off, without consuming fuel and producing emission, and also solve none-A/C can be installed problems due to limited space to load compressor for special vehicles.

TKT Parking A/C Main Features:

TKT Parking A/C Main Features:

▲ZERO CO2 Emission, truly environment-friendly; Zero fuel consumption helps driver reduce cost : for example, if driver use ac 6 hour s per day, 200 days per year, fuel consumption per hour is 3.5L/h, fuel price: 0.9USD, then the reduced cost is: 6*200*3.5*0.9=$ 3780
▲Security of a comfortable rest : the truck’s driver can rest in a healthy climate and safe cabin
▲Much safety on the roads : as stress and tiredness are reduced, also less risks during drive time
▲ 18 Months Free Warranty for Whole units
▲3 Years Free Warranty for Electric Compressor;
▲Sales and Service Center Cover more than 85 countries to provide 7*24 hours technical support;


TKT Parking A/C Design Introduction:
TKT Parking A/C Design Introduction:

Parking A/C Structure:
Condenser assembly, evaporator assembly, electric compressor assembly, and other components( all integrated in rooftop units)
Main parts: compressor, control panel, remote controller, expansion valve, etc.

TKT Parking A/C Design Advantage:
▲Self-contained rooftop one piece design, refrigerant already be filled, even not skilled driver can finish the installation, Which can save lots of installation charge;
▲Split Design, no need roof cutting, does not influence vehicle warranty;
▲Fuel Saving, it can save at least 3780 US dollars fuel cost for truck, for example;
▲Environment friendly, Zero Emission;
▲World top brand durable parts applied, which can guarantee more than 12 Years Lifetime for the whole A/C;
▲Unique feature: 3 cooling mode and different cooling capacity for all condition option to make balance of cooling and power consumption;
▲Higher Cooling to Meet the Cooling Requirement from Extremely Hot Places,even ambient temperature 55C, which already proved in India and Gulf Market;
Product material:
The materials used in all TKT products are internationally renowned brands. We choose suppliers from all over the world and work with the world's top brands such as Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Sanden, Valeo, Alco and Goodyear.

patent certificates:
Our products have patent certificates for appearance and cores. Our cores are made of copper tubes and aluminum fins, which will make the products last longer. It is different from the parallel flow products in the market. Reduce after-sales problems for you.

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