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RV A/C Standard Design-40SD

> Cooling Capacity: 4000W / (12560BTU)
> Voltage: AC220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
> Application: Caravan/Motorhome
> Dimension: 788*632*256mm
> MOQ:3 units (Better Shipping Costs)
Caravan Air Conditioner TKT-40SD

TKT Caravan air conditioners Brief Introduction:

TKT, as the leading manufacture of caravan air conditioner in the world, began the research, design and production of caravan air conditioner from 2001 due to higher comfort requirement of caravan. From the beginning, TKT designed ranges of Caravan air conditioners, which are all capable of being installed in Caravans, RV, Motor homes, Campers and Yachts for global market.


Technological Data:
Model NO. TKT-40SD Caravan Air Conditioner
Cooling Capacity 4000W(13640BTU)
Heating Capacity 2000W+electric heater
Alternative electric heater 2000W
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor LG
Input Power 1450W
Current 5.8A  (220V)
Power Supply 220~240V/50Hz
Upper Unit Sizes(L*W*H) 890*760*335 mm
Net Weight 39KG

All Product:

TKT Caravan air conditioners Structure:
Condenser assembly, Evaporator assembly, Compressor assembly.
▲Refrigerant R410A.
▲Other major components, such as Heat pump (TKT-30UB), ACRG distribution box, Electric heater, Remote control, Wired-control wall-pad, Expansion valve, Oil separator, Interior panel, Removable and Washable filter, Condenser fan, and Evaporator Blower.

TKT Caravan air conditioners Main Features:

▲Variety of installation options
▲Low noise and vibration, bringing a comfortable atmosphere for drivers and passengers
▲Easy installation & maintenance
▲Stylish design
▲CE, RHS Certification

TKT Caravan air conditioners Advantage:

▲Multiple options for installation to provide you with the ideal RV air conditioning.
TKT-30UB is Concealed design, retaining the facade of the caravan as well as the internal structure; TKT-40SD&40THIN is Roof Top mounted.

▲Low noise& vibration.
One-piece EPP frame is used, and outdoor air circulation through the floor or the wall, so no noise problem troubling passengers via the floor.

▲Mini size, Lightweight, Easy to install and maintain
With Removable and washable filter to keep interior clean;

▲With Environment-friendly & non-zone depleting refrigerant R410A.

▲Really powerful cooling comfort, Higher efficiency and more stable working.
Such as TKT-40SD & 40THIN use ACRG distribution box with fully adjustable louvers and blower speeds provide just right cooling comfort, and Axial fan produces big air volume to cool down the condense;
TKT-30UB capable of Air distributed equably & flexibly all over the room via 3 vents & soft pipes, more comfortable.

▲Outstanding RV air conditioning design.
Designed according to European & Australian RV trend, with the manufacture experiences of Under-bench A/C over 10 years, particularly fitting the middle-large self-propelled RV and caravans;
Humanized design, such as TKT-40THIN, the outer machine design is thinner, suitable for cities with limited height, Besides, Sleek shroud design reduces drag.

▲Safe Voltage Level
More secure system, Higher protection degree.

▲Certificated by Various High Standard in US and Europe; CE, RHS ect Certificated

TKT Caravan air conditioners Installation:

Considering the different demands of customers for RV air conditioners, So the whole series of TKT Caravan air conditioners are available in two types of installation, one is a concealed installation, capable of being installed under a bench, sofa, bed or cabinet, etc., and the other is Roof Top mounted. This series is specially designed for Caravans, RV, Motor homes, Campers and Yachts, and uses high quality imported compressors, Including RECHI (Taiwan), LG and Mitsubishi. Both the compressor and the control system are powered by electricity or batteries.
Tips: The voltage required by the customer can be customized (for example, AC220/50Hz is standard, and AC110V/60HZ or AC220V/ 60HZ can be customized).

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