24v bus air conditioner
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24v bus air conditioner

13.0-14.0M Bus-400PB

> Cooling Capacity: 40KW/136400BTU
> Power: Sub Engine
> Application: 12-14m Bus
> Dimension: 1300*650*695mm
> Power: DC24V
Power Pack Air Conditioner TKT-400PB

TKT-400PB is designed for 13-14M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient Temperature 55 ℃). It’s famous in Mid East, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia because of High Cooling Capacity and Reliable Performance. It has great advantages as follows:

※High Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance Suitable for Most Places in World;
※Stream Line Design to Apply All Kinds of Buses;
※Environment Friendly;
※Cheap Price with High Quality;
※18 Months Warranty Time After Delivery;

Model No. TKT-400PB Coach/City Bus Air Conditioner
Structure Roof Top Model
Cooling Capacity 40 KW / 136400BTU/ 34400Kcal/h
Expansion Valve Danfoss, 9.6 T
Voltage DC24V
Power Consumption 106A
QTY of Condenser Fan 6 PCs
Condenser Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Condenser Condenser Air Flow 14400M3/H
QTY of Evaporator Blower 8 PCs
Evaporator Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Evaporator Evaporator Air Flow 9020M3/H
Refrigerant R134A,9.5~ 9.8KGS
Dimension of Roof Top Unit 4670*1830*275MM
Weight for Roof Top 195KG
Compressor Brand & Model No.: Bock(Germany), FX40 755k
Pulley Type: 2A2B
Alternator & Capacitance Box Brand & Model No.: BOSCH(USA)
Type: F042308017455  150A, Batteryless
Capacitance Box: SZXG-III
Application 12-14M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient Temperature 55 ℃)
Engine Brand & ModelNo. :tSUZU 4JB1 (Assembling in China)
Type: 4 Cylinder, Inline
Displacement:2.771 L
Rated Power:57KW/3 600rpm
Low Speed for A/C:1000- 1200RPM (For Fuel Saving)
High Speed for A/C:1600 1800RPM (For High Cooling)
Min Fuel Consumption: <221 g/kw.h
Water Tank Pure Aluminum Design
Special Design for Qatar Market
Guarantee the Engine Working Under 69 Deg.c Air Temperature
Power Pack Unit Dimension: 1300x650x695MM (Lx W x H)
Weight: 410KG
Special Design: Secondary Shock Absorption/High
Temperature Resistant Design/Stone Guard Design
Noise;l< 89db
Application 10-11.6M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient
Temperature 55 °C)
Product material:
The materials used in all TKT products are internationally renowned brands. We choose suppliers from all over the world and work with the world's top brands such as Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Sanden, Valeo, Alco and Goodyear.
patent certificates:
Our products have patent certificates for appearance and cores. Our cores are made of copper tubes and aluminum fins, which will make the products last longer. It is different from the parallel flow products in the market. Reduce after-sales problems for you.

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