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As a leading technology manufacturer of bus air conditioners, truck air conditioners and RV air conditioners in China, TKT never stops innovating new technologies. Having confidence in your products is the first step to the world market. Choosing a quality supplier to work with will make your business twice as successful.

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Choice of materials:
The materials used in all TKT products are internationally recognized brands. We select suppliers from all over the world and work with the world's top brands such as Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Sanden, Valeo, Alco and Goodyear. insisting on using copper tubes and aluminum plates will make the products more durable and extend their lifespan.

Safety and stability:
Light weight and small size. Even the largest 12-meter electric vehicle model measures no more than 3.2 meters, which greatly reduces the weight of the vehicle, improves its safety, and helps to increase the capacity and mileage of the electric vehicle. Safety protection mechanism. More fuses and high-quality electrical components are used to withstand high voltage; and various protection mechanisms such as high-voltage protection and low-voltage protection are adopted to provide good protection for the AC system.

Exclusive design:
The exclusive design of condenser coil structure with patented design, which has more heat release area while using less material, is known as the "highest heat exchange efficiency" design in China.
Adopt high quality inner thread copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins to make condenser and evaporator coils, which are more corrosion resistant, more suitable for use in coastal countries, and have longer life (more than 10 years) than parallel flow coils (made of pure aluminum).
Adopting the best compressor in the Chinese market, which has been proven in the market for 8 years to ensure reliable and superb cooling performance.
Advanced CAN control + integrated digital control panel control, much lower failure rate than PLC control.

So, why not choose TKT?
Brand Partnership Strength:
In the international market, TKT is the OEM of TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo Motors, Daewoo, etc., and exports to sales and service centers in 85 countries. After 24 years of experience, we are getting more and more comfortable with production to meet the demanding needs.

Design Capability:
As the world's leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, TKT has a team of 135 engineers, including design engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, test engineers, EMI/EMC engineers and after-sales engineers, with complete design, development, testing and certification capabilities for refrigeration equipment and components. The patented coil structure design will be more economical. The attention to detail has led to increasingly higher quality products.

What is service?
Insisting on making the best products and reducing after-sales is the best service. But TKT has an experienced after-sales team in China and around the world, providing local service in 85 countries and extensive after-sales technical support for all OEMs.
Test Report:

OEM/ODM Process
During the passed 24 years, TKT grows to the 100% OEM choice in China, for both bus A/C and truck refrigeration units, such as Yutong, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Xiamen Golden Dragon ect (Bus A/C), CIMC, Xinfei, Hongyu ect (Truck Refrigeration units). For the international market, TKT is the OEM for TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo Motors, Daewoo ect, and exported to more than 85 countries with sales and service center.

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