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Minibus A/C Seats < 28 (TKT-140V)

> Cooling Capacity:13 KW / 44330BTU
> Compressor: XH22/Valeo TM21
> Application: Seats Less Than 28(Ambient Temperature 50℃)
> Dimension: 1520*1100*174mm
TKT Conventional A/C Brief Introduction
TKT, as the leanding manufacture of bus air conditioner system, began the research , design and production of bus a/c from 1993, which is also the first one in China. Until now, TKT bus air conditioner covered 5.5M-18M ect vehicle, such as, van, coach, city bus, inter city bus, inner city bus, transit bus, double deck bus, shuttle bus, labor bus, articulated bus ect all kinds of bus, and can meet all the requirements from customers, for example, low floor, high floor, higher cooling for tropics, ultra thin appearance ect, TKT engineer and design team can accept and meet all the OEM and special requirements.

TKT Conventional A/C Main Features:

▲Higher cooling Capacity to meet the tropics requirement;
▲Longer life time than bus;
▲Easy Installation, Operation & Service;
▲Lots of Patents Adopted to guarantee the advanced technology;
▲OEM,ODM& Customized is Accepted;
▲18 Months Free Warranty World Widely, extended up to 10 years
▲Warranty is accepted based on various tender requirement;
▲Service Network covered in 85 countries to guarantee the fast Service;
▲7x24 Hours Online Technical support world widely;

TKT Conventional A/C from design Advantage:

 ▲Considering 60 Deg.C ambient temperature (Standard 32 Deg.C) before design of bus air conditioner, to make TKT bus A/C system can meet the cooling requirement for all kinds of weather condition;
 ▲ Adopting Patent design of condenser coil, to increase the heating release ability of condenser assembly, and increase the cooling capacity 2.5% for the whole bus air conditioning system;
 ▲In house design and production of condenser coil and evaporator coil, and adopting high quality inner screw copper tube and aluminum fin only, it can guarantee the bus air conditioner system lifetime 12-15 years;
 ▲Adopting higher quality Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin, to guarantee the evaporator coil can keep longer life time under extremely wet condition, and reducing the bacteria breeding, so that the passengers can get cool and health air at the same time;
 ▲Using the Stop Valve, which can stop the gas running when some place is leaking, and reduced the QTY of gas leakage to save repairmen cost;
 ▲Adopting Steel Pipe instead of rubber pipe to increase the bus air conditioner life time, and increase the cooling capacity. Rubber pipe has the disadvantage of blocking the system due to refrigerant corrosion after long time running, also the limitation of pipe diameter, whereas steel pipe can use more than 30 years without and corrosion, and can fill more refrigerant to increase the bus air conditioner cooling capacity;
 ▲Considering the high labor cost for installation, service and repairmen, most of TKT conventional bus air conditioner are made ONE-PIECE design, and left service window to reduce the installation and service time and cost;
 ▲Patent design of control panel, which considered the easy operation for drivers and easy trouble shooting for technicians, even no need to do special training;



Technological Data:
Model No. TKT-140V Bus Air Conditioner
Structure Roof Top Model
Cooling Capacity 13 KW / 44330BTU/ 11310 Kcal/h
Compressor TM21 (214CC/R)
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
Power Consumption Less than 0.6 KW
Condenser QTY of Condenser Fan 2 PCs
Condenser Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Condenser Air Flow 4200M3/H
Evaporator QTY of Evaporator Blower 2 PCs
Evaporator Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Evaporator Air Flow 2500M3/H

OEM/ODM Process
During the passed 24 years, TKT grows to the 100% OEM choice in China, for both bus A/C and truck refrigeration units, such as Yutong, Nanjing Golden Dragon, Xiamen Golden Dragon ect (Bus A/C), CIMC, Xinfei, Hongyu ect (Truck Refrigeration units). For the international market, TKT is the OEM for TATA Motors, TATA Marcopolo Motors, Daewoo ect, and exported to more than 85 countries with sales and service center.

If you are interested in working with TKT, please feel free to contact us.

Product material:
The materials used in all TKT products are internationally renowned brands. We choose suppliers from all over the world and work with the world's top brands such as Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Sanden, Valeo, Alco and Goodyear.

patent certificates:
Our products have patent certificates for appearance and cores. Our cores are made of copper tubes and aluminum fins, which will make the products last longer. It is different from the parallel flow products in the market. Reduce after-sales problems for you.
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