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24v bus air conditioner

13.0-14.0M Bus-400PB

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> Cooling Capacity: 40KW/136400BTU
> Power: Sub Engine
> Application: 12-14m Bus
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TKT-400PB Sub Diesel Engine Bus Air Conditioner
Description of TKT-400PB Sub Diesel Bus Air Conditioner:
TKT-400PB is designed for 13-14M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient Temperature 55 ℃). It’s famous in Mid East, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia because of High Cooling Capacity and Reliable Performance. It has great advantages as follows:

※High Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance Suitable for Most Places in World;
※Stream Line Design to Apply All Kinds of Buses;
※Environment Friendly;
※Cheap Price with High Quality;
※18 Months Warranty Time After Delivery;

 Technical Parameters of TKT-400PB Bus Air Conditioner:

Model No. TKT-400PB Coach/City Bus Air Conditioner
Structure Roof Top Model
Cooling Capacity 40 KW / 136400BTU/ 34400Kcal/h
Expansion Valve Danfoss, 9.6 T
Voltage DC24V
Power Consumption 106A
  QTY of Condenser Fan 6 PCs
  Condenser Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Condenser Condenser Air Flow 14400M3/H
  QTY of Evaporator Blower 8 PCs
  Evaporator Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Evaporator Evaporator Air Flow 9020M3/H
Refrigerant R134A,9.5~ 9.8KGS
Dimension of Roof Top Unit 4670*1830*275MM
Weight for Roof Top 195KG
Compressor Brand & Model No.: Bock(Germany), FX40 755k
Pulley Type: 2A2B
Alternator & Capacitance Box Brand & Model No.: BOSCH(USA)
Type: F042308017455  150A, Batteryless
Capacitance Box: SZXG-III
Application 12-14M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient Temperature 55 ℃)
Engine Brand & ModelNo. :tSUZU 4JB1 (Assembling in China)
Type: 4 Cylinder, Inline
Displacement:2.771 L
Rated Power:57KW/3 600rpm
Low Speed for A/C:1000- 1200RPM (For Fuel Saving)
High Speed for A/C:1600 1800RPM (For High Cooling)
Min Fuel Consumption: <221 g/kw.h
Water Tank Pure Aluminum Design
Special Design for Qatar Market
Guarantee the Engine Working Under 69 Deg.c Air Temperature
Power Pack Unit Dimension: 1300x650x695MM (Lx W x H)
Weight: 410KG
Special Design: Secondary Shock Absorption/High
Temperature Resistant Design/Stone Guard Design
Noise;l< 89db
Application 10-11.6M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient
Temperature 55 °C)
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