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TKT-200RF for 2.2M/7feet Van(-20℃ )

TKT-200RF van refrigeration unit is one engine direct driven refrigeration units for 3CBM/2.2 Meters Body (-20 Deg. C) to keep frozen;
> Compressor:Jap SD5S14(138cc)
> Installation:Roof Top Mounted
> Volume of Container:3CBM/2.2 Meters Body (-20℃ )
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OEM TKT-200RF Keep Frozen Van Refrigeration Unit
TKT-200RF Van Refrigeration Unit (Keep Frozen)

TKT-200RF van refrigeration unit is specialized for small cargo van to Keep Frozen. It is powered by the engine of the vehicle, and has great advantages in fuel saving, environmental and highly efficient.
※Exclusive Design for Cargo Van 3 CBM/2.2 Meters Body (-20℃)  to Keep Frozen;
※Stream Line Design to Apply All Kinds of Van Appearance & Truck Body;
※Big Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance to Stand Against Hot & Dusty Climatic Condition;
※Easy Installation & Operation;
※Environment Friendly;
※36 Months Warranty Time After Delivery;
※Stand By & Heating Performance is Acceptable;

Technical Data of TKT-200RF Van Refrigeration Unit :
Model TKT-200RF
Driven Type Engine Driven
Installation Roof Top Mounted
Voltage DC12v / 24V
Compressor Jap SD5S14(138cc)
Controller Digital, In Cab,Made In Korea
Cooling Capacity -20℃-1100 W/3770BTU
0℃ -2170 W/7400 BTU
Volume of Container 3CBM/2.2 Meters Body (-20℃ )
Refrigerant HFC-R404A,1.1-1.2kg
Condenser Coil Copper Tube / Aluminum Fin
Fan No. 1 Fan, DIA 280MM
Dimension 789*450*212 mm
Evaporator Coil Copper Tube / Aluminum Fin
Blower No. 1 Blower, DIA 230MM
Air Flow 610m3/h
Dimension 706*595*190mm

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