• First Pure Electric Bus of Philippines
    Post time: 08-20-2019

    Good News ! The first pure electric bus in the Philippines is born, which uses bus air conditioner is our TKT HVAC 6M A/C, 3.3KW energy consumption!!!   It is one Milestone meaning We TKT have wide range of all electric bus air conditioner, Welcome Feel freely contact us,sales@thermokingtec...Read more »

  • Installation of  Truck Roof Air Conditioner
    Post time: 04-18-2019

    Look ! Our TKT HVAC killed worker are seriously installing thetruck roof air conditioner, doing the waterproofing, Doing theinternal &externalinstallation ofroof top truck air conditioner. Praise theirPowerful technology andprofessionalism ! If you need bus air conditioning or technical insta...Read more »

  • Spring Festival is coming
    Post time: 01-18-2019

    Chinese traditional festivals–The Spring Festival is coming soon. All TKT employees will give you a New Year’s greeting , And wish you all the best. If customers need vehicle air conditioning and transport refrigeration units ,     Please get in touch with us quickly. We wi...Read more »

  • Merry Christmas
    Post time: 12-18-2018

    Everybody, Christmas is coming All staff of  TKT HVAC wish new and old friends a happy new year     wish you all the best !                   Read more »

  • India Cold Chain Show of TKT HVAC
    Post time: 12-14-2018

    Look,Our business staff Amanda Yang sent us pictures of our exhibition site Such a lively scene of TKT HVAC India Cold Chain Show Waiting for your visiting at Booth# B-32 Hall 4. 7th India Cold Chain Show in Mombai. Many transport refrigeration unit & vehicle air conditioner for your choice...Read more »

  • Indian cold chain show coming
    Post time: 11-27-2018

    Indian cold chain show of  TKT HVAC is coming soon, Following is exhibitor invitation card     Welcome to visit TKT HVAC  booth on 13-15th, December Show ! Waiting for your coming at booth No: B-32 Hall NO:4 Read more »

  • Welcome Customer of Malaysia
    Post time: 11-15-2018

    Several Malaysian customers came to visit our TKT HVAC factory this week, We warmly received them. They looked at our products very carefully. And they likeour electric bus air conditioner very much.     TKT-260E E-bus air conditioner is designed for 9-10M Trolley Bus, Pure Electric Bu...Read more »

  • Pure electric bus air conditioner
    Post time: 10-18-2018

    TKT Pure electric bus air conditioning test completely over, And has put into production in large quantities     Which is is designed for 9-10M Trolley Bus, Pure Electric Bus and Hybrid Power Bus And powered by the battery of the vehicle.     If you need it, please contact ...Read more »

  • Holiday Passed
    Post time: 10-08-2018

    The National Day holiday has passed,  workers of TKT HVAC  factory have started to work, A large number of transport refrigeration units are about to be Successful produced Look, our workers is so serious and rigorous when they producing vehicle air conditioners.       About tra...Read more »

  • Congratulations TKT
    Post time: 09-17-2018

    Good news !our vehicle bus air conditioner have passed the EMC test, Thanks to the efforts of our designers and workers,  Applaud to them     This is a big step forward for us.We will be active in Vehicle Refrigeration industry with more professional , Will bring convenience to everyone’s...Read more »

  • New Disign Air Conditioner for Truck
    Post time: 09-06-2018

    New air conditioner of TKT HVAC is coming out ! Following is our new truck air conditioning developed by our TKT R&D team Generous appearance, Big cooling capacity     It generally designs for trucks and agricultural machines New truck cab air conditioner has been put into sale no...Read more »

  • India Cold Chain Exhibition of TKT
    Post time: 08-23-2018

    Good News !  We are about to hold an exhibition in India Recently 13-15th. December. 2018, Mumbai, India Cold Chain Exhibition   Thermo Kingtec Booth number, B-32, Hall No. 4.   Vehicle air conditioner & Transportant refrigeration unit     TKT HVAC Provide you good servic...Read more »

  • Compliment of Electric Bus Ac
    Post time: 08-21-2018

    Electric Bus Air Conditioner ordered by our customer sent us good compliment Installed to appreciate, impeccable products! The following is the real shot after installation,     Absolute classic, generous, beautiful, look,Does everybody have the same feeling? E-bus air conditioner foll...Read more »

  • Car Air Systems Operation
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    Car Air Systems have filters in them already, and apparently they do a pretty good job of filtering out particulate pollution.  Are you saying no one should ever use a car purifier? I’m convinced we don’t need special car purifiers to protect against particulate pollution.  The air systems alrea...Read more »

    Post time: 01-02-2018

    TKT HVAC are professional bus air conditioner & truck refrigeration unit manufacturer  and provided 3 years warranty time after delivery. Dear my friend, You can provide us vehicle detail, Such as vehicle length、picture and its seats number、the voltage, According to these message , We will...Read more »

  • Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner is designed for 11.5M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient Temperature 40 ℃).  It is powered by Sub Diesel Engine, you can feel the cool air without influencing the performance of bus in hot summer.  It is famous in Mid East, South America, Europe, South Afric...Read more »

  • Frozen Van Refrigeration Units
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    Van Refrigeration Units is specialized for small cargo van to Keep Frozen. It is powered by the engine of the vehicle, and has great advantages in fuel saving, environmental and highly efficient. 36 Months Warranty Time After Delivery for you   Read more »

  • Fresh Truck Refrigeration Unit
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    With the people’s living standards increasing,truck refrigeration unit have resolved many issues of keeping any product fresh and safe for longer time. More and more refrigerated trucks are in service,Which are used for many food and vegetables that needs a particular temperature to be m...Read more »

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