• Manufacturer Mobile home air conditioner
    Post time: 01-10-2019

    We TKT HVAC is professional manufacturer of RV,mobile home,caravan,motorhome air conditioner.We have a wide range of RV air conditioner. For 12V and 24V , we have rooftop and split mounted system. For AC 220V, under-bench/bed and rooftop for your choice   You can share us your RV detail ,Fo...Read more »

  • Truck Refrigerator Feedback from Customer
    Post time: 12-11-2018

    Get new feedback from customer today, Thanks him for providing valuable feedback, TKT HVAC will imporve better truck refrigeration system in following cooperation and provide customer good quality products Refrigeration unit for Mid Refrigerated Truck Body to keep frozenTKT-600F is our strength ...Read more »

  • Welcome Visiting
    Post time: 12-10-2018

    TKT HVAC’s exhibit at the Indian Cold Chain Show is about to kick off And all of TKT HVAC members are ready to go.       Truck air conditioners & transport refrigeration unit of TKT will promote them to customers around the world. Please remember show time starting on December...Read more »

  • Welcome Korean customers visite
    Post time: 11-21-2018

        Our Korean customers visited, and amiee Meng took them to visit our factory today. They are very like our small electric split-type truck air conditioner.And  have purchased a lot of 20es truck air conditioner before.     They come here to mainly talked about the related ...Read more »

  • Pure Electric Small Air Conditioner
    Post time: 11-14-2018

    TKT HVAC newly developed pure electric small truck air conditioner is produced in large quantities,  Look, the perfect appearance is well received by customers.  TKT-20ER Battery Driven 2.5KW truck roof air conditioner   Which is one Complete Electrical Air Conditioner for Truck, Trailer, Mot...Read more »

  • Air Conditioner for Boat
    Post time: 10-29-2018

    Thailand Customer send me one installed picture of boat ac today morning Look ! A 17.5m boat fitted 2pcs TKT HVAC bus air condtioner, Nice work!     Our customer is very satisfied with our TKT HVAC boat air conditioner And will build longteerm business relationship in the near future. If ...Read more »

  • Welcome India Customer
    Post time: 10-10-2018

    One of our customer from India visited our factory recently, Sample order of bus air conditioner is under production already.     He is particularly satisfied with our production technology & vehicle air conditioning . Hope we will build longteerm business relationship in the ne...Read more »

  • Welcome Brazilian Customers Visited
    Post time: 09-12-2018

    Several of our Brazilian customers visited the TKT  factory, Our sales Yang warmly received them. They talked a lot about our bus air conditioner and got along very happy.     They especially like 260M Bus Air Conditioning , Which is designed for Mid Bus 9 Meters Engine Direct Driven, Roof Top, ...Read more »

  • Small Truck Refrigeration Unit
    Post time: 09-06-2018

    Today I will introduce you one best sellers of TKT HVAC—-Small truck refrigeration unit Which is specialized for small refrigerated truck body to keep frozen, And powered by the engine of the vehicle,   Front Mounted Installation,  Big cooling, Environmental and Highly Efficient Exclu...Read more »

  • Philippine Customers Visit
    Post time: 09-03-2018

    Philippine customers visited our factory last week, They especially likes our 200M bus air conditioner,     Which is is designed for Mid Bus Less than 8.5 Meters. Engine Drive Roof Top bus ac system, If you need ,Pls contact us Read more »

  • Installation of TKT-20ES Truck Air Conditioner
    Post time: 08-16-2018

      Today, our customer sent message to us about our TKT-20ES truck air conditioner.He has highly praised our products. Easy installation and big cooling capacity are exactly the same as our website. Below is the installation picture sent by our customers. TKT-20ES Truck Air Conditioner is o...Read more »

  • Feedback of Van Refrigeration Unit
    Post time: 08-06-2018

    Friendly feedback from friends in Panama,Roof top TKT-300R vehicle refrigeration unit Which is specialized for small cargo van to keep fresh.   It is powered by the engine of the vehicle     External installation of transportant refrigeration unit Internal installation of van refrigera...Read more »

  • Caravan Air Conditioner
    Post time: 07-26-2018

    There are a large number of caravan air conditioners manufactured in our factory. Our vehicle air conditioner have many advantages, such as : Independent design, high quality, powerful cooling comfort,good noise level.     TKT HVAC High-speed upgrade to cover the world’s cooling deman...Read more »

  • Customer trust is our biggest motivation
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    TKT-20ER is one Complete Electrical Air Conditioner for Truck, Trailer, Motor home and Caravan, Roof Top Design. It can also work when the engine is off, making cool environment for the driver to have a good sleep. Several days ago, one customer place an order for TKT-20ER electric air conditione...Read more »

  • Poland Customer is visiting our factory for electric bus air conditioner
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    On Jan. 15, the customer from Poland is visiting our factory. He is interested in the electric bus air conditioner.  Electric bus air conditioner is the new equipment in domestic and foreign market. It is designed for Trolley Bus, Pure Electric Bus and Hybrid Power Bus (Ambient Temperature 40 ℃...Read more »

  • Bus air conditioner for Ecuador customer
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    Several days ago, we have finished the production process of TKT-380B bus air conditoner for Ecuador customer. TKT-380B is designed for 11-12.8M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus(Ambient Temperature 38 ℃).  Followings are the packing and shiping photos about the 380B bus air conditioner. TKT-38...Read more »

  • TKT-20ES Electric truck air conditioner on JAPAN TRUCK SHOW
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    TKT-20ES is one Complete Electrical Air Conditioner for Truck, Trailer, Motor home and Caravan. It can also work when the engine is off, making cool environment for the driver to have a good sleep. What’s more, many drivers are using it while driving to save fuel.    We take this model electrical...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-02-2018

    May.16.2017 Electric Business Department heads of Thermo Kingtec CO., LTD led the company Employee to participate in Zhengzhou Electronic Commerce Lecture Hall,Through the understanding of the situation of cross-border import and export trade, further analysis of the company’s foreign trade...Read more »

  • Smooth Installation of Truck Refrigeration Units TKT-400F in Salvador
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    Good News! Truck Refrigeration Units TKT-400F from Thermo Kingtec CO., LTD is Smoothly installed in Salvador!      Customer is very satisfied with our truck refrigeration system. And Sent a good feedback to us, Looking forward to more cooperation in the future! Read more »

  • Post time: 01-02-2018

    March.10.2017 Middle East customer coming visit our Thermo Kingtec Co., Ltd On March he order our bus air conditioner TKT-400B , it is well worked and this visit for more Bus products . During the visiting , Our manager Amiee Meng with accompanying . Explain the advantage  of TKT Brand.  customer...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-02-2018

    A batch of TKT-30UB Caravan Air Conditioner Were Exported to Philippines Last week About TKT-30UB 2.5KW Under-bench Caravan Air Conditioning ,Motorhome Air Conditioner:1.Concealed Installation under bench,sofa,bed or cupboard,etc. Invisible outdoor unit,reserving caravan’s facade. 2.One-piece EPP...Read more »

  • split truck air conditioner Feedback
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    truck cab air conditioner get our customer praise,truck air conditioner is our hotsale product Read more »

  • Electric Bus Air Conditioner
    Post time: 01-02-2018

    Electric Bus Air Conditioning System is designed for 11-12.8M Trolley Bus, Pure Electric Bus and Hybrid Power Bus (Ambient Temperature 40 ℃). It is powered by the battery of the vehicle. It has great advantage on Fuel Saving, Environment Friendly, Easy Installation ect. High Cooling Capacity &am...Read more »

  • Locomotive air conditioner
    Post time: 01-02-2018

     In case of a train air conditioner is functioning from the battery. A dynamo charges the battery in running. It is true that the dynamo is taking power from the movement of the train and indirectly affect the performance. But putting the AC on or off will not affect the performance of the train ...Read more »

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