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Bus Air Conditioning Order Was Successfully Completed - Supplied to New Bus Manufacturer

DATE: Jul 16th, 2022
A global bus manufacturer faced a conundrum. Their bus air conditioning supplier suddenly had an abnormality and could not complete the order on schedule. After inspection and communication, they valued our supply capacity and air conditioner quality, and decided to hand over the bus air conditioner order to us for production. After we determined the model, quantity and delivery date, TKT HVAC demonstrated its strong production strength, urgently completed the bus air conditioner order, and established a good cooperative relationship.

Reasons for emergency bus air conditioning order

The air conditioning supplier that the bus manufacturer works with has cash flow problems. This will affect the delivery cycle of their bus air conditioners, which will further affect the production cycle of buses. The bus manufacturer urgently began to search, understand and investigate. After comprehensive consideration, they quickly communicated with us. After reviewing various real cases and professional test reports and certifications we have, the production order of the bus air conditioner was finally confirmed.
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TKT powerful bus air conditioner production capacity

The person in charge of production has advanced and scientific overall management capabilities, and quickly determines the order quantity and delivery time. Immediately afterwards, the person in charge communicated in detail with the front-line workers. According to the order situation of the existing factory, a detailed production schedule has been formulated after comprehensive consideration. We have increased night shift hours. (We will provide compensation measures according to the actual situation, we are a regular and humane manufacturer of bus air conditioners)
The content of this schedule is clear and practical, with key time points and specific responsible persons, so that specific tasks can be implemented to people.
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Quality First

TKT always adheres to the tenet of giving priority to the quality of bus air conditioners. Because only in this way, there will be more and more customers for cooperation, and the relationship of cooperation will become closer and closer. No matter how urgent the order is, we will carry out strict factory inspection to ensure that the products received by customers are qualified and durable.
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Learn about TKT bus air conditioning

TKT was established in Suzhou, China in 1998. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the development, design and production of high-quality passenger car air conditioners for the world. Products include electric bus air conditioners and engine-driven bus air conditioners. There are corresponding bus air conditioners for vans as small as 9 seats, buses as large as 14 meters and double-decker buses.
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